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{Help Wanted} Temporary Summertime Part-time Ad Sales

As 510Families.com has grown over time — becoming a favorite of East Bay parents seeking ways to spend quality time with their kids — the opportunity to better serve local businesses has grown, too. We are looking for an online advertising salesperson to join our team on a part-time basis for the summer.

This position is ideal for a person who would like to put their business and people skills to use on a flexible, part-time basis. This position is 98% virtual. Specific tasks include:

  • managing advertising availability using shared spreadsheets.
  • recommending ad packages based on marketing outcomes for our customers.
  • tracking customer communication with Insightly.
  • producing invoices using Quickbooks Online.
  • writing ‘Insertion Order’ documentation using templates.
  • uploading ads using WordPress plugins.
  • monitoring and reporting the success of ad placements with Google Analytics.
  • servicing the 100-200 customers we already support using telephone, email, google forms.
  • answering inbound requests from businesses in the community.
  • communicating with the team through Slack channels. Asynchronous is a-ok.

The ideal candidate lives in the East Bay and is in the know about local businesses that provide goods and services to families. They will have experience in online ad sales and be able to dedicate about 10 hours per week to selling ads by increasing awareness and interest in 510Families.com as a platform to reach East Bay families.

If you have experience selling advertising and would like to work with us, please send a resume with a note to us at info@510families.com. Outdated resumes are fine for stay-at-home parents looking for a new opportunity.

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1 thought on “{Help Wanted} Temporary Summertime Part-time Ad Sales”

  1. That seems like a great opportunity for someone ready to re-enter the work force. Hope you guys find a perfect candidate!

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