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Gem of Oakland: James and the Giant Cupcake

James and the Giant Cupcake in Oakland

My girls and I love James and the Giant Cupcake, on San Pablo near Alcatraz.  I take them here when they deserve a special treat, like they just got shots or a blood draw, and it helps get them through the un-fun process knowing what they have to look forward to.

I let the girls get a big cupcake each and I get 3 mini cupcakes; cost is around $8.  We all get different flavors and all share bites, so we can try all kinds of cupcakes in one sitting!  For those with food requirements, they also offer vegan and gluten-free options (if you must).  They also have a little coloring corner for kids and if your wee one draws a cute and colorful picture of a cupcake, they will put it up on the wall!
Oakland Cupcakes
cupcakes in oakland
Hello, it’s Whitney here in italics. If I may add my $0.02: I bought two dozen mini-cupcakes at James and the Giant Cupcake for my own 40th birthday party. It was the perfect treat.
More of Becky’s Bay Area family adventures at her blog, This Fine Day.

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