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Jumpity Bumpity: An Indoor Play Space in Concord

Parents are wise to be wary of indoor play spaces. Will the equipment be dull or stinky? Will you pay a premium and then have no place to sit?

Recently we checked out Jumpity Bumpity, a new indoor play space on the second floor of the Sunvalley Shopping Center in Concord. And guys, it’s a good one.

First things first – sign a waiver upon arrival (or take care of it online beforehand to expedite the process), pay, and immediately remove your shoes and place them in a cubby before entering through a baby-proof gate. Socks for all, which means no stinky feet all over the mats and equipment! (And I mean our own feet: I brought 3-year-old Laila directly from preschool, and she had literal mud in her Crocs from a hard day of play! Thankfully, I was able to hide her dirty feet in the socks I bought for a dollar when I paid for admission.)

There are lots of different play areas at Jumpity Bumpity | Photo: Whitney Moss

The theme of the decor and installations is Under the Sea, which is Laila’s absolute favorite, so she was delighted by the vibe immediately. Jumpity Bumpity is neither understated nor trendy in any way, so it’s not aesthetically pleasing as much as it is stimulating and inviting for the under-7-set.

The equipment includes huge slides, climbing structures, and spinning things, all so much fun. Soft plastic balls are used in several ways, from the typical ball pit experience to a cool air pressure-powered circuit that allows kids to watch as balls move around a track and pop out.

Play area at Jumpity Bumpity in Concord
Balls are everywhere at Jumpity Bumpity! | Photo: Whitney Moss

Laila mostly loved sitting on motorized things that spin and bathing herself in balls. She bailed on a couple of the slides because they were too tall, which I thought was a good sign that there are challenges for future visits.

Photo: Whitney Moss

One important thing to note: there is no restroom in Jumpity Bumpity. You need to use the restroom in the mall, so heed my advice and hit the potty before entering through the gates. We had to take a bathroom break which required getting our shoes from the cubby and walking for about three minutes to the restroom, which felt like both an eternity and a major wet pants-risk with a three-year-old in tow.

There is no outside food allowed. They sell a few carby snacks at the front, but don’t plan on bringing a lunch to enjoy during your time at Jumpity Bumpity.

Tip: A fruit kiosk in the shopping center allows you to select the fruit you like and get it seasoned with salt, lime, and tajin (or not). That was a little thrill in itself. There are benches throughout the mall where you can sit to eat.

Jumpity Bumpity is best for toddlers to 8 years old. The rules say “12 and under”, but I think most tweens would find the atmosphere and the equipment babyish and not fun (or safe) to navigate around so many toddlers.

Followers who saw our Instagram post about Jumpity Bumpity commented that it’s crowded and big kids are obstacles to little ones. My experience was pleasant and there was more than enough room for everyone. I went mid-week, around 3 pm. With little kids, I would try to go when the big ones are in school.

Preschooler-friendly slide | Photo: Whitney Moss

Bottom line: Sunvalley’s Jumpity Bumpity is a clean, spacious fun indoor play space with many creative slides and features to keep your kid moving! There are numerous places for parents to sit nearby where their child is playing, making it easy for an adult who is watching a toddler and holding a baby at the same time.

Plan your visit to Jumpity Bumpity:

Located inside the Sunvalley Shopping Center, you’ll park for free in the large outdoor parking lot and enter through mall.

Open play hours are 10 am to 8 pm every day, except Sunday when it’s 10 am to 7 pm.

There is a monthly membership model for those who would visit frequently. For a one-time visit, discounted rates are offered Monday-Thursday and during the last hour of the day. Best for toddlers through age 8.


  • Weekday: $16 per kid for unlimited play with in/out privileges
  • Weekend/Holiday: $24 for for unlimited play but no in/out privileges or $18 for one hour.
  • One adult enters for free with each child and there are sibling discounts.
  • See the full rate card here >

Location: 1 Sunvalley Mall, 2nd Floor, Concord, CA

For Laila, other attractions at the mall included riding the glass elevator, which we did three times; riding the escalator; and, admiring the mannequins in the apparel stores who were wearing prom dresses, which she identified as real princesses, despite their lack of faces.

Website>> Check the Jumpity Bumpity calendar for special hours/discounts/closures

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