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Littlejohn Park in Alameda has an Inclusive Playground

Do you know about Littlejohn Park playground in Alameda? We visited on a day on which the clouds let loose and it poured on us, so I can attest to the fact that rain or shine, this playground rules! Everything is clean and fully functional, the astroturf is fresh and bouncy, and, best of all, the whole playground is fully fenced in.

Little John Park climber in Alameda
Littlejohn Park in Alameda | Photo by Jordan Latham

Littlejohn Park Features

Location: 1422 Buena Vista Avenue (Buena Vista Avenue between Sherman and Benton Streets) in Alameda
Unique Features: Playground’s design is usable and accessible for a wide range of physical and developmental abilities.
Swings: Yes, the full seat kind, that can even fit an adult
Fenced in? Yes! Fully!
Surfaces: Bouncy green surface
Bathroom: Yes
Lunch tables & seating: Yes, several.
Parking: Easy and free street parking is pretty much always available all around the park.
Shade: Nice shades on the playstructure, some trees around the park.
Pros: Accessible for all, lots of fun visual and audio features
Cons: The bathroom isn’t always the cleanest.

Littlejohn Park, Alameda | Photo: Jordan Lathan

What Makes Littlejohn Park Accessible?

The play structure has all kinds of neat and unusual qualities. Visually stimulating sensory toys and gizmos make fun sounds. Shiny beads spin when a child turns the dial.  A piano built into the side of a slide invites interaction.

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The swings are full chair-style mounted on chains, and they can easily fit an adult-sized person. The merry-go-round is also designed to accommodate four seated adult-sized people. There are multiple slides at several levels, all with safety rails on both sides and climbing options to reach the top of the structure.

Littlejohn Playground structures in the pouring rain
Rain or shine, Littlejohn Playground rules! | Photo: Jordan Latham

Littlejohn Park is fun for all ages and abilities

Rope ladders and monkey bars offer fun for kids who love to climb. This playground can easily entertain both little and big kids, but it is not separated into two age group areas.

The special thing about this playground’s design is that it’s usable and accessible for a wide range of physical and developmental abilities. The equipment is bigger than at a typical playground, and it has thoughtful and interesting features that make Littlejohn playground a real treat to visit.

Other things to do at Littlejohn Park in Alameda

Picnic tables with BBQs can be reserved through the Alameda Recreation and Park Department on the weekends. A baseball diamond and a basketball court with hopscotch grids sit outside the playground. Big, healthy trees provide shade for the summer, and the playground itself has big blue shade guards built over much of it.

Littlejohn Park is located at 1401 Pacific Ave in Alameda.

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littlejohn park alameda play structure
Photo of Littlejohn Park play structure | Photo: City of Alameda

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