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Life-sized Nativity Scene in El Cerrito: Shadi Holiday Display (2022)

This lovely scene is back for 2022! The Sundar Shadi Holiday Display will be set up December 17 and run through December 27, 2022.

In a hillside lot in El Cerrito, a stucco version of Bethlehem pops up every Christmas season. At night, it lights up, and on some evenings, the ancient city serves as a backdrop for choir or other holiday musical performances.

In 2022, the Shadi Holiday Display is 73 years old.

Dates: Saturday December 17-27, 2022
Time: The display lights go on at 5 pm until 10 pm, daily. In the light of day, children can better see the texture of the sheep and the clothing of the hand-crafted statues, so consider a visit at any time of day.

Sundar Shadi Holiday Display in El Cerrito
Shadi Holiday Display in El Cerrito | Photo:

Shadi Nativity Scene in El Cerrito

Named for the academic who created the scene, Sundar Shadi, who raised his family on The Arlington in El Cerrito, the Shadi Holiday installation is located on Moeser Lane.

Shadi Holiday Display

Entrance within the display is not permitted, so expect a short visit. You’ll simply pull over on Moeser on the north side of the street, and hop out of the car for a few minutes.

Where is the Shadi Holiday Display?


From San Pablo Avenue, turn East on Moeser Lane and head up the hill. From The Arlington, turn West on Moeser and head down. The display is close to the street in the hillside natural area.

Learn more about the history of the Shadi Holiday Display >

Note: Although I used the term Nativity scene in the title of this post, there is no baby Jesus.

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  1. I stopped by tonight and it was very limited in terms of the display. No animals or shepherds. I’ve been coming to see this display for 40 years.

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