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New Kid in Town: Little Star Pizza

Although we’ve enjoyed Little Star Pizza in it’s trendy San Francisco locations, taking our kids with us in our own ‘hood was a new adventure. The third location of Little Star Pizza has been open on Solano Avenue since mid-summer, and until we went there over the weekend, I had no idea how family-friendly the place would be.

The volume of the restaurant is comfortably loud such that parents of a loud-talker do not have to apologize for any incessant babbling or tantrums. The restroom is equipped with a changing table.

Similar to Zachary’s, orders for deep dish-style pizza can be placed in advance of being seated. Unlike Zachary’s, however the wait at 6 pm on a Saturday night was about 5 minutes.

The restaurant is nicely designed with deep booths that comfortably seat a party of six, even if one of them is in an infant carseat. For my family of four, it was downright spacious. I noticed as a booster seat was brought to one of the tables that the waiter clipped it on to the free-standing chair.  Score one for child safety.

So, if you’re keeping score, that’s one point for safety, one for atmosphere.

But, how’s the food? Pretty darn good. We ordered a thin crust cheese pizza for the children, specifying no parsley for our greens-averse child. There was an extra layer of parmesan pre-sprinkled on the pizza, but the previously mentioned picky child did not notice.  For the adults, we ordered a mixed greens salad — the smaller size was big enough for us to split. It featured plenty of freshly chopped veggies, unlike the typical pizza restaurant salad formula of lettuce plus one tomato and croutons. Our deep dish pizza topping of choice was roasted zuchinni.  The small deep dish satisfied us two adults; however, we did consume the whole thing, so if you count on pizza leftovers, order larger.

The prices are totally reasonable and we will definitely go back.  I confess: Zachary’s might win on a blind taste test, but the environment of Little Star Pizza has me hooked.

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4 thoughts on “New Kid in Town: Little Star Pizza”

  1. i was very excited about this restaurant and even gathered a group of friends with kids to check it out a few weeks ago. i have to say that i would not call my experience terribly family-friendly. for one, i found it pricey for night out with the kids. second, they only had a handful of high chairs and it was chock full of babies who needed them. third, they didn’t have any plastic (or non-breakable) cups for the kids to drink from. lastly, how about some crayons + paper to entertain the kiddies while they are waiting?? i think we’re going back to lane splitter.

  2. Oh Jackie, thanks for pointing out those things I missed! I had noticed the lack of crayons, but forgot to write about it. My kids were occupied with other things, so I didn’t miss them enough to remember.

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