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Oakland A’s Games with Fireworks Shows (2021)

If you and your family can stay up late, what better way to celebrate than with an outing to a baseball game followed by a fireworks show?! Read on for details!

as game fireworks
Photo: Sally Mason

Seven Oakland A’s baseball games this summer offer a fireworks display after the final inning. Fans can move down to the outfield (bring your own blanket!) to sit on the grass and watch the show or stay in their seats — you pick.

oakland as fireworks coliseum
Fireworks night at Oakland A’s game | Photo courtesy Oakland Athletics

Fireworks start approximately 45 minutes after the game ends. Each fireworks show has a theme which dictates the music — ranging from STAR WARS to Pixar Night (count me in!). I was there on the 5.10 show which was a hip hop celebration of Oakland and the (510).

coliseum fireworks
Fans sit on the field to watch post-game fireworks at the Oakland Coliseum. Photo: Oakland A’s

Here is the A’s Fireworks game schedule for 2021:

  • Wednesday, July 2 vs. Boston Red Sox: Patriotic Fireworks

What parents need to know about taking kids to see baseball fireworks shows:

  • The fireworks require closing the BART footbridge from 10 minutes into the 9th inning until after the show.  For reference, the 5.10 12-inning game ended at 10:20 pm. Fireworks started at 11 pm. We got to BART at 11:35.
  • The fireworks are LOUD, exciting, and right over the outfield. Sensitive kids might want ear protection. (These hearing-protection muffs are about $15)

More details on the Oakland Athletics website >>

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