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Order a Sundae as Big as your Head at Fentons Oakland

Fentons Creamery has been an institution in the Bay Area since long before I moved here. This retro ice cream parlor is a kid and community favorite.

As a sugar-fearing parent, I avoided Fentons Creamery until a good friend threw a birthday party and I had no choice. My son ate his way around the plate of sliders in order to earn his way to a sundae with his favorite flavor (he chose bubble-gum) and any topping (he chose some malted stuff that completely did not match) with the option of whipped cream and a cherry. Nuts are extra. He loved it! He couldn’t decide whether to eat the gum, chew it and spit it out, or simply hoard it in a gooey pile at the side of his glass dish. And, yes, it was his first gum too.

Order a sundae as big as your head at Fentons
Fentons ice cream sundaes are giant for children | Photo: Heather Flett

Fast forward a few months and I was more comfortable with the whole drill. I didn’t even make him get food first. We went to celebrate the last day of preschool with his good buddy (pictured) and they each ordered a child’s sundae (again that nasty blue bubble-gum). What’s funny about this picture is that his friend, so accustomed to cones, didn’t realize there were spoons until after he went for it with his face. Love it.

Pro tip: For most bang for your buck with children, order a deconstructed kids banana split. Trust me.

Holden emerged with a gooey cup of gumballs, a sticky face, and a sugar high that lasted until dinner.

Visit Fentons in Oakland

Address: Address: 4226 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

Website >

[Photo provided by Fentons]

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