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Park profile: Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt
Photo: Anna Azimi

Right next to the Lakeview Library in Oakland, you will find Astro Tot Lot now open. Lake Merritt makes a scenic location for this refreshed playground with newer equipment. Right off 580, this park is a terrific playground for kids to enjoy the city Oakland.

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt
I told him he had to jump off all the things for me to take photos | Photo: Heather Flett

What’s great about the Astro Tot Lot

The equipment is newer and it is FUN in all capital letters. Great for little ones to explore and bigger kids, too: Slides, swings, stuff to climb over, monkey bars, spinny things.

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt

The Lakeview Library location makes a nice compromise for a set of siblings with different interests or to run your ya-yas off after storytime.

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt
Photo: Anna Azimi (the library is the building in the back left)

A large field was preserved for running around with volleyball and soccer games on the weekends

The vibrant lakeside spot means more activities and a short walk from many great coffee spots (including Perch). On Saturdays, you’ll be playing very near to the Grand Lake Farmers Market.

What’s not so great about the Astro Tot Lot

While we love this recently improved urban playground for locals, it would be a challenge to come from other places in the (510). Most times of day, the parking in this neighborhood is hard to find, and the nearest BART station is about a mile away.

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt
All the slides | Photo: Anna Azimi

There’s no shade at this tot lot.

My other word of warning relates to the lack of fencing around the park. If you are actively playing with your little one, this may not be an issue, but parents of “runners” or more than one child, may really hate the proximity to busy streets with no fence around the structures. I know I would have.

Bottom Line

Totally fun playground near a library and lake — with terrible parking and no shade or fence.


Between MacArthur Boulevard and Lakeshore Avenue near Lake Merritt’s Embarcadero. The Astro Tot Lot, in Eastshore Park across from Lakeview Library has many names. It is also known as “Astro Park”, “Lakeview Park” and “Library Park”.

Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt
Photo: Anna Azimi

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5 thoughts on “Park profile: Astro Tot Lot at Lake Merritt”

  1. If you don’t mind paying for parking, there is a metered lot right across MacArthur under the freeway that is always virtually empty, especially on the weekdays. That is where I park if I’m planning on spending some time at both the park and library and don’t want to worry about circling around to find parking. It’s very convenient.

  2. All the new equipment looks great but I really wish they had put in a fence! I thought the playground needed a fence even before they re-did everything.

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