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Photo Scavenger Hunt for Families: Take a Shape Walk

My son and I like to walk around the neighborhood. We decided to make our walks more interesting by turning our walks into scavenger hunts by looking for a specific shape each time. Our favorite shape to look for is a circle. It is easy to get started and to be inspired for the next one.

shape walk circles
Kid-level shapes are usually lower than our notice | Photo: Carol Burton

How we do the shape walk

We stroll around, and when we find that specific shape we snap a photo. I am always surprised by how many shapes we can find once we open our eyes to the challenge. Once we start looking, we see them everywhere!

Set a time limit for your walk so little feet don’t get too exhausted. Remember to look up, down, and all around as you go. We look at flower pots, parked cars, and street signs for interesting shapes. Avoid stepping in people’s gardens and yards when taking photos.

What to Bring

A Smartphone, Tablet or Camera

Put on your comfortable shoes and get ready to explore your neighborhood looking for shapes.

To choose our route, we like to leave it to the dice. If we roll an odd number we turn left, and if we roll an even number we turn right at each intersection. It made the walks a bit more educational as we searched for shapes!

shape walk with kids
Take a shape walk, our favorite start is CIRCLES | Photo: Carol Burton

More to hunt after circles

Take a walk looking for more shapes, colors, themes.

  • Colors: Yellow and Orange are fun. What about colors in combination: Blue and Gold, Red and White?
  • More shapes: Diamonds and Squares are easy. Triangles are surprisingly tricky.
  • Letters: Spell out your child’s name or look for things that start with a certain letter.
  • More circles (they really are the best!)

Bonus Activity:

I made my family a book of all the shapes so we can look at them and remember the special walks. I’m surprised at how often we like to flip through the books. We used Shutterfly, but you could use any photo book creating software.

book of shapes
We made a photo book to remember our walks and shapes | Photo: Carol Burton

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