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Piedmont Park and Playground


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Piedmont Park offers so many paths to explore, trees under which to picnic, and grassy knolls, it’s worth seeking out, as the location, surrounded by the huge houses of downtown Piedmont, (not Piedmont Avenue, which is in Oakland) means it’s probably not discovered by those who don’t live in the neighborhood.

The grass area is huge, with slopes to roll on. Seating for parents and caregivers is plentiful. And the scale of the trees is awesome, making shade easy to find.

piedmont park trees

The park is easily accessed from Highland Ave in Piedmont, and you can park on the street for two hours right out front. A long, paved dog-friendly trail begins at the park and runs along a brook. For children who love to see dogs, this is a fantastic place to walk around. The dog-phobic should steer clear as the dogs are off-leash.

piedmont teahouse

There is a sweet teahouse right next to the community center building.

piedmont community center
Piedmont Community Center sits in the middle of the park – 711 Highland Avenue, Piedmont

The playground is on the opposite side of the park from the teahouse and boasts a public bathroom in addition to a play structure and baby swings.

piedmont park playground

piedmont play structure

Piedmont Middle School, Piedmont High School, and the sports fields for both of those institutions are all right there, too. So while it is fun to follow the trail all the way down to the exciting football field (climbing on the bleachers!), be wary that the facilities may be in use. Poke around before you promise your child a run around the track.

piedmont high football field

Where is Piedmont Park?

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