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9 East Bay Yoga Studios with Prenatal Yoga

Stressed, exhausted, or excited about an upcoming birth? Prenatal yoga just might be the place for you. Learn simple relaxation techniques, helpful breathing exercises, or simply use a class as a “time out” before the big day. Ordinarily, you might even find a new friend while you’re trying not to pee yourself during Warrior Pose.

prenatal yoga at home

Try out one of the ten studios we’ve listed below, or let us know a favorite we may have missed. Namaste.

East Bay Prenatal Yoga

The Lotus Method (Oakland)
The Lotus Method uses strength training and functional movement patterns to prepare women for the demands of pregnancy, labor, and motherhood, not exactly Yoga but Yoga-like. Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists work exclusively with prenatal and postnatal women and are passionate, knowledgeable, and there to guide you every step of the way through your motherhood journey. Website >
4427 Piedmont Ave. Oakland

Berkeley Yoga Center 
Prepare for your birth with a prenatal yoga class at Berkeley Yoga Center – learn postures, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises from an experienced teacher. Offered once a week on Thursdays. Website>
2121 Bonar Street – Studio C, Berkeley, CA 94702

Brilliant Births (Berkeley)
Join other moms-to-be Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon for a yoga class that focuses on breathing techniques, relaxation and restorative poses.  Website>
1809 4th St. Berkeley, CA 94710

Yogalayam (Berkeley)
Drop in Saturdays for a yoga class focused just on mamas-to-be. Get comfortable in this upstairs studio because the postnatal yoga is not to be missed. Come back with baby! Website>
1717 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703

Prenatal Yoga class at Barefoot Movement (RIP) | Photo: Barefoot Movement via Yelp

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