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Spotlight on Prospect Sierra School (PS)

Thanks to Prospect Sierra, a progressive independent TK-8 school with 470 students on two spacious campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area. We appreciate their sponsorship of today and sharing all about their school in 2020.

prospect sierra
New dismissal routine with friends | Photo: Prospect Sierra

There’s no question that the pandemic has changed the way our children go to school and how teachers teach. During this unprecedented time, Prospect Sierra has met these new challenges with the strategies and values that have always guided them: courage, vision, care for one another, and joy. Whether students are learning in PS Campus or PS Home, they are building relationships, deepening academic skills, increasing their own self-knowledge, and having fun.

As they plan for the 2020-21 school year and beyond, Prospect Sierra strives to be guided by love, not fear. Social-emotional learning is more important than ever. They’ve developed consistent schedules between PS Campus and PS Home to help children navigate between the two with greater ease. All plans community members into account, from teachers to children to parents, and even extended family members living in our households.

The Prospect Sierra academic program is as strong as ever. Here are some highlights:

Safe, Caring, In-person Learning @ PS Campus

  • Students participate in specialist classes (art, science, Spanish, PE, music, drama, library, and colab/maker space) for two-week blocks and enjoy these classes every day during each rotation.
  • Specialist classes are held in half groups, allowing for a more interactive experience and ensuring strong teacher-student relationships.
  • Humanities content is more integrated with other curriculum resulting in a deeper dive into subject areas, with opportunities for collaboration across disciplines.
  • Students play during staggered recess and lunch times and have increased morning recess time.
  • Students learn in stable groups of 10-12 and remain in one classroom throughout the day.
  • Students who cannot come to campus Zoom into on-campus classes from home via technology, which the school can provide.
  • Learn more about PS Campus >>
Kindergarten science and garden
Outdoor learning in the organic garden | Photo: Prospect Sierra

Staying Connected @ PS Home

  • PS Home students experience more synchronous moments to start periods in the day, with opportunities to stay online with teachers or sign off and work independently.
  • More levels of support are provided including learning specialists, counselors, and a PS Home Coordinator to provide support to individual students, teachers, and families.
  • Teachers balance the amount of time students spend online in class with their peers, along with the need for plenty of scheduled breaks from screens and a chance to be outside, rest, and have downtime at home.
  • Learn more about PS Home >>

Combining Both PS Campus and PS Home

Starting with the youngest learners in TK, students began returning to campus in late September. Kindergarten students returned in early October, followed by 1st and 2nd grades in late October. Over the course of November 3rd through 6th graders are expected to return as well. 7th and 8th graders will return in December. (Note the 5th-8th graders are on a separate campus.) This thoughtful, staggered approach has allowed the PS teaching team to focus attention on the needs of the students at each grade level as they return, and remain flexible to changes as needed. Some families have chosen to remain in PS Home and those students are integrated into classroom learning via technology. Prospect is proud of their ability to meet the varying needs of families and to ensure that all of our children continue to thrive and experience the joyful learning that is the hallmark of Prospect Sierra.

ps kindergarten
Teachers keep kids on campus and at home connected to one another | Photo: Prospect Sierra

Discover the Joy

The admissions process is tied deeply to Prospect Sierra’s mission — it’s about relationships, transparency, growth, flexibility, and fun! Please join in the following virtual opportunities to learn more about this special TK-8 school for your family:
Take a weekday virtual tour >>
Join a weekend information session >>
Learn more about flexible tuition >>
Follow Prospect Sierra on Instagram >>

bubbles at recess
Bubbles are fun for everyone at recess | Photo: Prospect Sierra

For questions:

Elementary (TK-4th): 510.809.9018
Middle School (5th-8th): 510.809.9025

Elementary Campus (TK-4th): 2060 Tapscott Ave. El Cerrito
Middle School Campus (5th-8th): 960 Avis Dr. El Cerrito

Thank you to Amy Sullivan, Beth Lewis, & Renée Thompson, the admissions team from Prospect Sierra for sponsoring our site today and sharing today.

[All photos provided by Prospect Sierra and used with permission]

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