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Membership-Based Inclusive Play at Spirited Play Labs in Berkeley

There’s a new club in town, and it’s thoughtfully designed for children with special needs, embracing neurodiversity and honoring sensory issues. 

Spirited Play Labs in Berkeley
Spirited Play Labs in Berkeley | Photo: Whitney Moss

At Spirited Play Labs, you’ll find soft mats, swings, and tools for climbing, bouncing, pushing, and rolling. There are also comfy couches for adults who aren’t needed while their little ones do the hard work of playing.

Open-ended playthings such as magnet tiles and colorful scarves are abundant. Pretend play enthusiasts will occupy themselves with costumes and miniature grocery store and kitchen items.

Joining Spirited Play Labs

The program at Spirited Play Labs is rooted in a membership model, intended to foster a community of visiting families who are familiar with the space and the staff. Members will go online to book their 90-minute play session, which insures the space will not be too crowded.

What sets Spirited Play Labs apart is its commitment to providing experiences for children with special needs. Whether a child is on the autism spectrum, has sensory processing differences, or has developmental delays, the dedicated team at Spirited Play Labs aims to create a space where they can thrive.  Children do not need a diagnosis and do not even need to have a delay to be welcome there.

However, an initial visit or phone call is required before membership is established. A first-time 90-minute play session costs $35 for the whole family to visit. (Twins? They’re both included!)

Spirited Play Labs isn’t just about providing a positive experience for children – it’s also meant to be a lifeline for parents and caregivers. The staff members are generally in graduate school or have earned a license for a support role such as speech or occupational therapy for children.

HSA and FSA funds can be used for memberships and families who receive services from the Regional Center of the East Bay will be covered.


Open Play Membership is $119 per month after a $60 initiation fee. (Quick math: For a two-child family, one visit per week calculates to $15-ish per child per visit. Go three times per week and bring the price down to $5 per child per visit.)

What to expect when you visit Spirited Play Labs

  • Expect to connect with the owner or a staff member and share a little about your child.
  • Free play in multiple areas of a big room with some smaller attached rooms will easily engage a child for 90-minutes.
  • Enter the business complex through a driveway on Shattuck. There are five parking spaces for Spirited Play Labs customers. You might get lucky and be able to take one! Otherwise, park at a meter on Shattuck.
  • Location is near Berkeley Bowl – perfect for grabbing lunch or dinner supplies as you leave.

Spirited Play Labs is located at 2930 Shattuck Ave #206, Berkeley, CA 94705 with another location in San Ramon. Visit them online to learn more >

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  1. Hi can you please tell me the ages that are welcomed in this space. I have a 11 year old autistic child.

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