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Spotlight on Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB)

This post is sponsored by Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, now educating children from age two to grade 8 including a new opportunity for those entering first and second grade with no French language experience.

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley opportunities for children with no prior French experience

Every day Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB) students learn to speak, write, and think in two languages, becoming open-minded, adaptable learners who discover their best selves while respecting the differences of others.

EB offers several enrollment opportunities for families seeking a high-quality bilingual education in French: preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and middle school.

Ecole Bilingue exterior
The exterior of Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB)

Bilingual Preschool and Kindergartener Programs at EB

When children start bilingual education as young toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners, they develop mastery and fluency and read, write, and learn about all subjects in two languages (The EB preschool begins at age two!). As a result, it can be a challenge for young elementary students with no language experience to “catch up”. Learn all about Preschool at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley >>

three children on a play structure
The EB preschool and kindergarten classes (for ages 2 to 6) are project-centered and play-based. The children are immersed in French language and culture for approximately 80% of the day. | Photo: Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

The Accelerated French Program for young elementary students

This fall, EB has launched an Accelerated French Program (AFP) for first and second graders with a custom-designed curriculum that will allow children to bridge the skills gap and join the traditional bilingual section after two years of concentrated instruction.

two kids embrace
Students in the Accelerated French Program | Photo: Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

The Accelerated French Program leverages bilingual immersion with an intensive two-hour session each day in a very small learning cohort with a specialized teacher. The AFP specialized teacher is in the classroom, shadowing the AFP student, making sure they understand and connect with the material. The first small group of AFP first and second graders began at EB a few weeks ago, and they are adjusting well to the new program.

Middle School with or without prior French language experience

Since the fall of 2019, middle school at EB is another on-ramp for language acquisition. Students in grade six with or without experience in French can join the EB community and thrive. Learn all about Middle School International Track at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley >>

Learn more about Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

Visit Ecole Bilingue during an Open House, schedule a tour on campus, talk to an EB parent, or learn more during a virtual info session. Admissions at EB >>

Open Houses for preschool, kindergarten, or AFP: Saturdays Nov. 19 at 10 am and Jan. 21 at 10 am. Open House for the middle school is Saturday, Dec. 3 at 10 am.

Email the admissions office: at with any further questions. They look forward to hearing from you.

ecole bilingue de berkeley logo

Thank you to Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley for sponsoring

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