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Spotlight on Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (EB)

Thank you to our sponsor, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, a French American Preschool-8th grade school in Berkeley. If you have dreamed of raising a bilingual child, read on.

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley is a preschool to 8th-grade international school that integrates the rigor and excellence of a French curriculum into a dynamic, whole-child independent school education. They teach, speak, function, and learn in two languages delivering on an amazing “best of both worlds” experience.

small child learning with teacher
Thumbs up! Teachers check on students’ emotional status. Social-Emotional Learning is every day at EB.

EB’s mission is to nurture creative, multilingual learners, equipped to confidently embrace the delights and challenges of an interconnected world by providing its students with language immersion, rigorous academics, individualized attention, and a welcoming international community. They nurture students that belong anywhere in the world.

preschooler playing in a tunnel
EB children stay active with several outdoor play times each day and access to an indoor gym, too.

Ecole Bilingue is notable because children become bilingual and build the capacity to communicate, reflect, and embrace the world with a unique perspective of open-mindedness.

Watch this short (pre-Covid) video to learn more about how they start teaching French in kindergarten using a method called Tatou Le Matou. As of right now, all teachers and students are masked per current safety protocols.

What dual-language immersion means at EB

The school’s immersion model means students are exposed to a foreign language, French, for the majority of the day. Students learn in French 80% of the time from preschool to 2nd grade, then gradually shift to 50% French-50% English later on. Students learn different subject matters in both French and English and are able to draw parallels and points of similarities in learning in two languages.

Joy and thriving together

Ecole Bilingue is fully reopened and seeing students together thriving has been a highlight of this difficult year. Witnessing their joy in the community has been priceless.

Rigorous academics at EB

Whether in preschool, lower school, or middle school, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley follows the internationally renowned French curriculum. Students learning through the French curriculum are taught to truly respect academic prowess and independent, analytical thinking, with an emphasis on cultural knowledge. In Preschool, students start as early as two years old and follow a well-structured, developmentally appropriate pedagogy.

Over the course of their elementary and middle school education, students learn more academically rigorous subject matters in two languages. Testing shows that they systematically outperform their peers in monolingual schools in reading and literacy. In other words, learning several languages doesn’t slow down reading and writing, but enhances it!

Individualized attention

Small class size is key to delivering quality instruction, that is why there is an average of 17 students per class at EB. This allows the team of experienced faculty and specialized teachers to offer differentiated instruction and promote the growth of each child as an individual.

kid doing science with magnifying glass
Middle schoolers are exploring geology and rock formations during their science class.

International community

Ecole Bilingue families hail from 50 different countries. They bring their culture and language with them. French-speaking families make up a third of the parent body, another third is English-speaking and another third speaks another language besides French and English. The multiculturalism that prevails within the parent body positively impacts the students’ experience and makes EB a truly international school!

A recognized curriculum in the US and abroad

EB is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), and the French Ministry of Education. It also belongs to the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE), and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) networks of schools.

preschoolers at play
Playing is learning! Children interact, take turns and follow instructions.

Opportunities to visit Ecole Bilingue

The school is located at 1009 Heinz Avenue in Berkeley, across from the Berkeley Bowl West supermarket, off the I-80 Ashby exit.

How to apply

The Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 6 at EB accept children ages 2 to 5 with no prior French experience. Learn More

Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley is now accepting applications for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 6 International Middle School. Each of these specific grade level entries welcomes students with no experience with the French Language. Virtual Info sessions are available and limited on-campus visits for applicants are offered.

Visit and contact the school >

[Photos and information provided by Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley and used with permission]

Thank you once again to our sponsor, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, a French American Preschool-8th grade school in Berkeley. If you’re curious about an EB education, stop by.

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