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This Incredible Spreadsheet of East Bay Food Sources Will Save You

Having trouble finding flour or experiencing dinner fatigue? We are excited to share some unique ideas with you, gleaned from the Google Sheet created and maintained by Oakland mom Jaireh Tecarro.

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My favorite discoveries from this document, for which Tecarro invites community submissions (her email address is in the first cell of the spreadsheet) are as follows:

  1. Bay Area Milkman (510 and 925) – Delivers a wide variety of groceries in a milk truck around the East Bay and San Francisco. This is a low-tech operation, so once you set up your order, you’ll simply receive it every week until you cancel. Inventory includes eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, pasta, coffee, fresh produce, and frozen entreesView the order form here to see the selection >
  2. Pizzaiolo (Temescal) – Offering take-out items for your fridge as much as single entrees, plus organic dairy items, Pizzaiolo is also becoming a grocery store. On the menu: a DIY Pizza Kit, bolognese sauce in a 32 oz jar, take-n-bake meatballs, and more. Learn more >
  3. Montperi Catering (Delivers) – Meal delivery for a family. $150 allows you to choose 10 items on the menu, each feeding 2-4 people. For families with older children, this could be fun: chili, chicken, vegetable side dishes. Order meal delivery for Mon-Thurs >
  4. Tender Greens (Berkeley) – Expanding to a sort-of grocery store, Tender Greens in Berkeley has expanded their online menu to enable orders of grocery goods, comprised of boxes such as a fruit box, a morning box (eggs, coffee, milk, flour, butter, sugar, and more), and family-sized portions of cooked meats. I’ll probably order a box of veggies and grilled chicken for four in a couple of days. See the menu >
  5. California Pizza Kitchen (Emeryville) – Similar to Tender Greens, this restaurant has added a grocery component and meal kits. Lettuce wrap kits and Taco kits both come with everything from meat to garnishes and feed four. Plus DIY pizza kits, obvs. See the menu >




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