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Let Us Plan 10 Summer Adventures for Your Little Kids!

You know those magical days with your young child where everything just comes together? You explore a new place, know where to go next, and just keep going until everyone is “good-tired” at the end of the day. We remember days like that forever.

{510} families created a fantastic download for you that offers step-by-step instructions for ten most excellent days, full of family-friendly adventures for East Bay parents. We tell you where to go, where to play, and where to eat. Each day is also jam-packed with tips for your back pocket.

Have you ever spent hours googling for activities, instead of going out and doing them? Let us spare you the effort. 10 amazing summer days for only $10.

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The days are long, but the years are short. Or that’s what we used to say before the pandemic.

With so many insanely useful tips, this ebook is going to save you hours of wandering around the Internet, looking up destinations. We’ve planned everything from the perspective of East Bay parents, and you can have our plans right on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can even print it out. The price is $10.


What you’ll find in our ebook is fantastically detailed instructions for ten different fun-filled days with little ones. Whether you use these suggestions for ten straight days and then cycle back to the beginning or spread them out for weekend family time is up to you.

In the summer, the days are particularly long, and having a full itinerary is a necessity. What you’ll find on the following pages are instructions for eleven different fun-filled days, designed for East Bay parents. We suggest an anchor activity to build your day around, with enough side trips and back pocket tips to keep little ones happily busy.

Each itinerary includes a page describing the activities we love, followed by a map page, which, if you keep this ebook on your phone, will allow you to click and open a Google Map we’ve assembled just for readers of this book. Have fun!

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We wrote East Bay Family Adventures: 10 Perfect Days for YOU | Photo: Megan Small Photography


Table of Contents
Itinerary #1 – Alameda Beaches
Itinerary #2 – Fairyland + Lake Merritt
Itinerary #3 – Running Wild in Hayward
Itinerary #4 – Adventure Playground + Berkeley Marina
Itinerary #5 – Kid’s Day in San Francisco
Itinerary #6 – Jack London Square-ish
Itinerary #7 – Park-Hopping in Walnut Creek
Itinerary #8 – Tilden Park Treasures
Itinerary #9 – Playtime + Piedmont Ave
Itinerary #10 – Discovery Museum + Richmond Fairies

Bonus Itinerary: Sonoma Day Trip

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