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The Temescal Farmer’s Market, Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt & Frog Park

Sunday is for slow, leisurely walks through farmers markets. The Temescal Farmers Market is a fun choice for families near Rockridge. Both FROG park playgrounds (Little & Big) are within walking distance. Not only can you stock up on all the good seasonal produce for the week, but you can also catch some live music, grab a coffee, get knives sharpened (random, yet convenient!), chow down on fresh food from food stands, or snack on baked goods.

FROG Park feels like a natural extension of the farmers market. 510 Mom says, “If you want to stroll to Frog Park, follow the creek-side path. Keep toddlers focused on finding the frog illustrations imprinted in the cement.” You have a couple options to dawdle: you can visit Little Frog Park or Frog Park (the larger playground). They are both almost equidistant from the Farmers Market.

Screen Shot 2020 02 18 at 8.59.59 PM
Follow the frogs | Photo: Oakland Wiki

FROG Park:

While recently updated, you will have to look beyond the trash and defaced structures. The playground has a lovely Redwood Grove with what could be a nice sitting area with benches. But it’s anyone’s guess as to what the condition of that area will be. The wooden castle can be fun, but it’s also hard to watch multiple children on these structures because of the maze-like passageways. So bring another adult to supervise if possible. My daughters and I visit this park less and less because of the trash (more like illegal dumping), overflowing trash cans, graffiti, yucky public bathroom, and general poor maintenance of the area and structures.

FROG Park 510 Fam 9316
Frog Park Castle needs some TLC | Photo: Julia Gidwani
FROG Park 510 Fam 9315
Surrounding toddler play structures could also use little love | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Close to the dog park, there are some new play structures added in early February 2020. There is new surfacing, swings and a giant rope merry-go-round pyramid- which is pretty neat. My daughter very much enjoyed the modern “big kids” bucket swing. But the rest of the structures are in much need of a deep clean.

FROG Park 510 Fam 9307
Newly added surface and swings were both traditional and modern | Photo: Julia Gidwani
FROG Park 510 Fam 9311
The newly added rope merry-go-round pyramid | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Little Frog Park:

Is a toddler size playground (albeit no closing fences) in a similar condition to FROG Park. There are often toys left behind that kids can play with. Here again, the condition can often be iffy.


Little Frog Park 09
FROG Park in Rockridge | Photo: Kat Choi

Pro tips for visiting Temescal Farmers Market with kids

  • There are fewer lines when the market opens around 9:30
  • If you arrive later around 1pm, while selection will be reduced, you can probably score some deals as the vendors are usually trying to offload whatever good they have left

Bring: cash, grocery bags, sunscreen, water bottles, hats

If you’re still hungry post farmers market, I recommend Cactus Taqueria for inexpensive and delicious Mexican eats.

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