Insider tips: Albany Target

Tips for shopping at Albany Target with a baby

Since we’ve been blogging, I’ve always wanted to share my little-known secrets for a most excellent Target visit with a baby or toddler. But the thing is, you kinda have to shop at my same Target for my tips to be useful. So, Yay! Local site, let me tell you what I know:

  • The best place to park: I always head to the far left corner near the train tracks. It is closest to the sidewalk so you can cross the least amount of traffic. There are only spots on one side, so its safer too. Added bonus that it’s right near the train tracks, so train-loving toddlers and preschoolers can get there best shot of seeing locomotive action.
  • My route through the store. It’s true. I’m such a creature of habit that I always move through the store in the same way. It’s so ingrained that whenever I’m with another adult and they go a different way, it just feels weird. (You know that feeling when you’re the passenger in a car and the driver turns unexpectedly? It’s like that!) I walk straight in, grab a cart, head up (either escalator or elevator if I have toddlers in the cart), I take a right and hit the diaper and baby supply area. If I need more upstairs, I’ll head straight for it. Once I head back down, it’s always toward the household cleaners then left toward the pharmacy and back out. Yes, I bypass food and shoes completely.
  • Opens at 8am. Even on the weekends — especially on the weekends — when you need to get OUT OF THE HOUSE but don’t know where to go, this is the place. Get a vanilla milk for the kid and a latte for you. Shopping optional.
  • Bring a friend. It’s always more fun to do errands with a friend.
  • Do I have any others? Maybe not.

Share your best tips for our local Target in the comments.

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