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Spotlight on Wee Play in Alameda

Nathan Griffin is an at-home father to a toddler in Alameda. In this guest post, he shares one of his favorite parenting discoveries, Wee Play.

Toddler indoor play space
Toddler indoor play time with mats and toys | Photo: Sally Mason

When my daughter, Fiona, learned to walk, her activities changed significantly. No longer content to sit and watch, she has to be a part of everything! Recently I took her to Wee Play in Alameda.

Wee Play is an activity oriented play center put on by the Alameda Parks Department in the Veteran’s Building three days a week. They provide stimulating toys and activities and the guardians supervise their children. There is a separate area for the little ones who cannot walk yet with age-appropriate toys as well. The main part of the center is filled with toys, slides, walkers, climbers, activity centers, a kitchenette and a play house.

Wee Play Alameda | Photo: Nathan

The children can roam and interact and use whatever toys they choose. There is an activity table for coloring and a sing-along led by the staff. Fiona really enjoyed herself, especially since she is able to walk now. It was so much fun to see her go from one activity to another. It is certainly an activity that we will take part in again.

Wee Play Alameda
Photo: Wee Play Alameda

Plan your visit to Wee Play Alameda

Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm
Cost: $6 drop-in per day per child OR $60 drop-in card for 12 visits
Location: Alameda Veteran’s Memorial Building, 2203 Central Avenue

Volunteer to set up or clean up and receive free entrance for that day. (Limited number of volunteers needed per day)

Double check details on their website.

[photo credit: Nathan Griffin]

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6 thoughts on “Spotlight on Wee Play in Alameda”

  1. I was fortunate enough to be at Wee Play the first time my granddaughter Fiona attended. It is a great place for children her age to interact. The staff are so friendly there and get to know the children right away. I was visiting again from ND this winter and they even remembered me. I spent a month in CA and Fiona and I went to Wee Play several times. She started getting excited as soon as we got close to the door and expressed her unhappiness when it was time to leave! I would recommend the program to anyone in the area.

  2. Susan Anothony

    I have taken my son there and he loves it. Although, if you are willing to leave the island or live off the island Berkeley offers a FREE Wee Play Monday-Friday @ 2 different locations.

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