December 2018 - 510 Families

December 2018

Alameda Adventure Court at South Shore Center

Alameda's South Shore Center's newest addition - Adventure Court Playground - is a win for all. A perfect pit stop after you've shopped.
510 families team

Year-end thanks to all who sponsored {510} Families in 2018

Wow, thanks to the many camps, play spaces, restaurants, services, and jugglers that keep us researching, writing, and sharing with you! We love you guys.
Morgan Territory climb a tree

Winter is the Best Time to Explore the California Delta with Kids

Annie Burke is the creator of Outside Kids.  In the summer months, those of us living in the hot inland areas head west on highways 580, 80, ...
Edible Excursions stop on Uptown Oakland tour

Anytime experience gift: Edible Excursions in Oakland (DEAL)

Want to eat, drink, and be merry anytime of year? We strongly recommend the foodie tours of Edible Excursions around Bay Area neighborhoods!

Round1 arcade has karaoke for kids in Concord

Three 11-year olds hit a karaoke room at a large arcade in Concord. Here's what happened.

Disneyland Tips for First-time Visitors

During Thanksgiving week, my husband and I took our son to Disneyland, and it was as magical as only Disneyland at Christmastime can be. But ...
Concrete Slide at Dorothy Bolte Park

Ride a concrete slide in Berkeley

Get your thrills by zipping down a cement slide in the Berkeley Hills. There are TWO concrete slides in Berkeley that we know of.
Sunol activities for the winter

Yes, the Bay Area Does Have Seasons: Winter

We gratefully welcome back Annie Burke, founder of Outside Kids, for today’s post. Most people say that the Bay Area doesn’t have seasons. I disagree. ...
Golden Gate Knights Star Wars lightsaber training: kids too

Golden Gate Knights jedi training

If you have any huge Star Wars nerds in your house, you’ll want to consider an afternoon of jedi training for you and your padawan. ...

It happened! The {510} Families Preschool Fair & Playdate in Oakland

In addition to the expo-style room, filled with friendly preschool teachers and parents, an adjacent room offered a showcase of kids activities.

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