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Alameda Adventure Court at South Shore Center

Alameda’s South Shore Center’s newest addition – Adventure Court Playground – is a win for all. Blooming with sky-high flowers, bouncy bumpy hills, grassy slides, and a mini rock wall – it’s a perfect pit stop in between shopping activities at Alameda’s South Shore Center. And it is already popular with those in the know.

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Situated at the Southern corner of the shopping center, on the West side of Bed Bath & Beyond, you’ll find it nice and shaded. Benches are available for sitting, and Starbucks is right around the corner to grab a quick pick-me-up while your child zips down the slide. When my son and I were there, it was crazy crowded, but he still loved it. Me? Well, at least I had my coffee. Seriously, do you see all those kids?!

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Places for parents at Alameda South Shore Center

Shops and stops that make it worthwhile: We love Bed Bath and Beyond (mostly for the Beyond); Daiso for lunch-packing; and Crazy 8 for affordable kids clothing.  See which shops would make a trip worth it for you.


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If you’ve never been to South Shore Center, it’s unique in that there is both a Safeway and a Trader Joe’s right in the same mall, in addition to all the other retail stores and restaurants. It’s also about two blocks from the beach!

Pro-tip: Do your shopping first with the bribe to play after. Though some smart parents play first to wear them out. Either way. Check it out.

[All photos courtesy Southshore Center]



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