March 2020 - 510 Families

March 2020

kid on scavenger hunt

Printable Scavenger Hunt for East Bay Families On A Walk Outside

We've created an activity sheet to entertain little ones on your next walk. This scavenger hunt invites us to slow down and look around with ...

A Bare-Bones Daily Schedule for Those Who Just Cannot With School At Home

A rigid facsimile of a school day is not the goal for many of us. Here's another take on what the daily schedule might hold.

Keeping Siblings of Different Ages Engaged During the Coronavirus School Shut-down

I have 4 kids between 2 and 9. Everyone needs attention, love, and intellectual stimulation. Here are some things that have worked & some that ...

East Bay Rainbow Trail: A Walking Activity (With Printable!)

We are among the first counties to shelter in place and our little walks outside will be more precious than ever! 🌈🌈 Let us build ...
Climb Berkeley's Indian Rock

It’s Free! Indian Rock Park

Wear athletic shoes and bring a camera because Berkeley's Indian Rock will make you want to scale it and start snapping pictures immediately.
The Art of the Brick LEGO exhibit at Bedford Gallery

Bedford Art Gallery in Walnut Creek is Small & Kid-friendly

Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek is a small art space with exhibits, colorful and kid-friendly, that rotate every few months. Parking and transit is easy.

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