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A Bare-Bones Daily Schedule for Those Who Just Cannot With School At Home

My friend Meagan, who is also the co-host of The Mom Hour podcast, did my psyche a tremendous favor when she wrote on Facebook

Um, nobody actually asked us to homeschool our kids. They already HAVE teachers, who now need our help facilitating a connection between our children/THEIR STUDENTS and the lessons and learning opportunities those teachers are still working hard to create. Again, *nobody asked us to become homeschoolers.* It isn’t required, it isn’t feasible for a lot of us, and honestly there’s no way to overnight jump into a ‘homeschool’ situation that even comes close to representing the lifestyles and learning rhythms that *actual homeschool families* have carefully and patiently carved out over time. Parents of “schooled” kids, we’ve simply been tasked with PARENTING during a very difficult and stressful period, without losing our livelihoods or our minds. That is PLENTY.

This resonates with me.

While I don’t want my children’s brains to shrivel up or for their eyes to be permanently damaged from screentime, I also think a little patience while our school district figures out how to serve to families most in need is reasonable. For those of us with comfortable homes, food security, and good health, we’ll be okay. This is a worldwide crisis. No child will be penalized for missing the back half of the 2020 school year. Talk about a flattened curve.

So, I’m seeking a healthy balance. Fresh air and Facetiming are both on the menu. And Khan Academy may not make an appearance until directed by the teacher.

Here’s a daily list of activities that is not time-bounded, for those who want to point to something on the wall and ask their children, “Did you read? Did you exercise? Did you help anyone?” (Me! I cannot stop nagging!) It is general but holistic. It’s not homeschool; it’s helpful. Feel free to print a copy.

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