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An Outdoor Mini-Golf Course in Alameda: Putter’s Goat Track

Thank you to Putter’s Goat Track Country Club Miniature Golf for inviting us to visit their newest mini-golf location in Alameda at Marina Village. Hours are weekends only and weather permitting.

The creative minds at Putter’s Goat Track transformed an unused parking lot in Alameda into a mini-golf course for kids and adults of all ages. We rode our cargo bike to Putter’s Goat Track Mini-Golf in Alameda one sunny weekend afternoon with two kindergartners and one toddler and had the whole golf course to ourselves.

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three year old playing mini golf with bowling pins as obstacles at putters goat track in alameda
Hitting a ball on the bowling pin obstacle hole | Photo: Angelina Ahedo

Our experiences at Putter’s Goat Track Alameda with young children

Lots of options. Upon arrival, Putter’s Alameda provided golf clubs appropriate to each kid’s height and a chance for each player to choose their favorite ball color. Happily, they had a golf club small enough for our three-year-old even though she ended up riding her club as a pretend horse most of the time.

Clever course. The kindergartener golfers in our group loved trying to get their golf balls into the hole. I heard laughter as they explored the new challenges each hole presented. My engineer husband appreciated the inventive designs. Family favorites were the Plinko hole with a long ramp, the foosball hole complete with a foosball table, and the Hungry Hungry Hippo-style hole where all players hit their balls simultaneously from different starting points.

Fully enclosed. As a mom, I appreciated that the entire golf course was fenced in, so no runaway balls or toddlers could escape.

Since the golf course was built in a parking lot, the ground between each hole was rough asphalt. Our toddler took a tumble while running and scraped her knees. Lucky for us, the golf course had a first aid kit. Thank goodness they were prepared because this mama forgot to pack Band-Aids.

The golf course had a very clean and wheelchair-accessible portable potty.

Also, there were two benches near the front of the course for your family to rest their legs or eat a snack.

overlooking several holes of an outdoor custom putt putt course
Mini-golf holes include a plinko, ramps, foosgolf, and silly obstacles | Photo: Angelina Ahedo

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Overall, our family enjoyed playing mini-golf at Putter’s Goat Track Mini-Golf. I appreciated how they transformed unused space into a family-fun outdoor activity. Since it was our kids’ first time going mini-golfing, I was glad to have a golfing experience without extra distractions like flashing lights, arcade games, and screens, so we could focus on just having fun on the course. Thank you, Putter’s Goat Track, for recreating good ole’ tech-free family fun.

Party Rentals Available at Putter’s Alameda

Party rentals cost $200 for 10 people for two hours and include a round of golf and private access to the party zone during regular business hours. The party corner offers more games to play (basketball arcade game, foosball, horseshoes, cornhole, connect4) and two covered picnic tables. Since no one was renting the space during our visit, the staff allowed us to play a few games and enjoy our snacks on the picnic tables.

Private events are also available during non-business hours by reservation.

Plan your visit to Putter’s Goat Track Mini-Golf in Alameda

Fees: $10 per person for any age, including ball and club. NO CASH
Reservations: First come, first served. No reservations are required.
Location: 200 Wind River Way, Alameda across from Jean Sweeney Open Space.
Phone: (206) 550 – 3378 – please call ahead if the weather is questionable
Website >

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Foosball table at the foosball putt putt mini golf hole
Foosball table at the “foosgolf” hole | Photo: Angelina Ahedo

Thanks again to Putter’s Country Club for hosting us at Putter’s Alameda.

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