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Archery in Oakland at Redwood Bowmen

Redwood Bowmen is field archery range in the midst of redwoods in Oakland where kids and grown-ups can practice shooting arrows at outdoor targets.

Redwood Bowmen archery in Oakland

The official program of archery classes at Redwood Bowmen starts at age 10, but younger children can participate with parents if they are mature. For enrolled students, Redwood Bowmen supplies equipment, however during drop-in practice hours, you must bring your own bow and arrow.

Technically, it’s free to practice, but there is a suggested donation box located outside the clubhouse to use the archery range. They suggest $5 per visit.

Observe the rules. Beginner classes are available.

Learn more at the Redwood Bowmen website >

Archery Logistics

The best place to park is at the shared (free!) parking structure with Chabot Space and Science Center. Here is a map to the range.

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