Now Open: Batting Cages in the East Bay - 510 Families
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Now Open: Batting Cages in the East Bay

Batting Cages in the East Bay

Ready to take some swings? Batting cages offer automated pitching machines that can be set to kid-appropriate speeds or a place for a pitcher.

Covid-19 precautions for batting cages

Call ahead or book online to reserve a cage. Capacity will be limited. Face coverings are required in public areas (and maybe while in the cage, too). Please be respectful. Wash your hands!

batting cage woman
Photo: Scandia batting cage via Facebook

Oaktown Baseball Batting Cages, Oakland

Oaktown Baseball Batting Cages is a training facility that offers classes and private lessons along with cage rental. Rent a batting cage with or without the hitting machine.
Prices: The cage itself is $20 per hour, hitting machine is an additional $20 per hour. Rental fees include one child accompanied by one or more adult. Additional children or adult is $10.
To reserve cages: Text 510-214-3199 with the service and time desired. Everything is done by appointment. Requires advanced payment to reserve.

Next Level Softball and Baseball Academy, Alameda

Next Level Softball and Baseball Academy in Alameda offers state-of-the-art HomePlate Pitching machines with random pitch modes. Full length tunnels, 6 different pitches available and speeds of up to 70 mph for the softball and 90 mph for baseball. Hopefully, they also let you set it super slow for the littles.
To reserve cages: Call 510-521-3385

Payless Batting Cages, Concord

Payless Batting Cages in Willow Pass Park features five covered batting cages that can work for either slow pitch softball or fast pitch baseball. There is also ball-drying equipment to allow play during the rainy season.
Prices: Hit 20 balls for a $3 token, or pay $30 a half hour or $50 an hour for all you can hit in the cage.
No reservations required.

kid in batting cage
Batting cage | Photo: Whitney Moss

East Bay Sports Batting Cages, San Ramon

East Bay Sports Batting Cages in San Ramon offers speed range from 25 mph for beginners age 5 to 9 or a searing 80 mph fastball for pros. Teams can reserve by calling ahead.
Prices: Hit 18 balls for a $4.50 token, or pay $100 an hour for all you can hit in the cage (teams only).
No reservations required.

Scandia Family Center, Fairfield

Scandia Family Center in Fairfield is attractive because of the other attractions! Right now, Mini Golf, Race Way, Bumper Boats, and Batting Cages are open with restrictions (Still closed: Laser Tag, Clubhouse, Arcade). For baseball and softball enthusiasts, find 18 computer controlled pitching machines for both softball and hardball. Hardball machines pitch from 40 mph to 70 mph for advanced players. Softball is available in both fast pitch and slow pitch.
Prices: Based on a credit system, batting cage visits include 25 pitches for 25 credits for about $2.50 but it really varies based on what else you buy.
Buy tickets: on the website >

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