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Reader tip: Picante has easy pickup!

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Picante had a curbside pickup service for about 5 years that I loved and used regularly on soccer practice evenings. Sadly, it is no more. Instead, you can park in their 5-minute zone and pick up and pre-ordered meals. It is still pretty decent for a busy parent, but man, I miss the curbside service!

Order online to take maximum advantage!

Berkeley Mom and Picante fan, Tania Schwartz, reports:

Picante’s rice is affectionately known as “red rice” in my home and it is one of my son’s favorite foodstuffs on Earth. Eating at Picante was our first stop not only after a trip to Berkeley Family Camp, but even after a holiday in Paris! Yes, it’s that much a part of our lives and I’m looking forward to this new convenient service. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it seems well organized from the looks of it and they seem really excited about offering it.

Thanks for sharing your tip, Tania!

I’m personally a huge fan of Picante’s food and their online ordering system that makes it very easy for multiple families to come together for dinner. If only it were cheaper.

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