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Cheap birthday party: Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground is a uniquely Berkeley do-it-yourself playground that changes day by day as children leave their mark. It is also a special DIY birthday party destination. If you’re up for bringing along party supplies to the adjacent Shorebird park, you can create a memorable kid’s birthday celebration.

To enter Adventure Playground with a group

All groups with 5 or more children must make a two-hour reservation and pay the group fee ($75-$180 depending on group size). Call (510) 981-6720. This reservation will smooth out entering with your party people but doesn’t include a table or other party items.

Bring extra adults. The staff at Adventure Playground relies on parents and adults to actively supervise kiddos in a group.

Adventure playground
Berkeley’s Adventure Playground is never the same place twice – kids can build and paint the structures!
Adventure Playground Berkeley
Adventure Playground Berkeley has climbing ropes for daring kids | Photo: Carol Burton

Where to picnic near Adventure Playground

Picnic at Shorebird Park near Adventure Playground
Happy Birthday picnic at Shorebird Park near Adventure Playground | Photo: Carol Burton

Picnic and play in the adjacent Shorebird Park. Set up your picnic tables and goodies out on the grassy lawn near the bathrooms. Find a table or bring one from home. All picnic tables are first come, first serve. There are restrooms and drinking faucets. Bring a wagon stuffed with a table, table cloth, blankets, balls, and hand sanitizer. Save money and skip lunch. Our food menu included fruit kabobs, drinks, and cake.

Shorebird Park at the Berkeley Marina
Shorebird Park at the Berkeley Marina has trees to climb and crawfish to find

More money-saving birthday party tips for Adventure Playground

Happy birthday to you! Shorebird Park
Happy birthday to you! Shorebird Park

Kids also love the more typical Shorebird Playground structure out on the grassy lawn. Remember those extra adults? Send a few parent chaperones to the water’s edge. Our kids love exploring by the water, climbing on the rocks after visiting the playgrounds. Wading in the water and hunting for crawfish are FREE, but mind the trash and squirrels (Pro tip: keep water shoes on!).



Dress in layers and bring sunscreen. And we can’t say it enough: Extra adults are key because of the wandering to both the playground and beach.

Additional add-ons: Make the most of the large grassy field to create a scavenger hunt; set up a mini-golf course with plastic golf clubs and plastic golf balls; organize soccer on the field; bowl ten giant frames; bring a bubble machine; or tie up a piñata in a tree!

Read all about playing at Adventure Playground.
Double check open hours on their website.


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