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Brentwood farms fruit picking, tips for families

Monday, I drove four boys out to Brentwood to go fruit-picking. I was vague in my promises — berries, cherries, apricots, or whatever they have. You like blackberries? Olallieberries? Maybe them too! — and thank goodness because everything was closed. Boohoo.

Cherry harvest in Brentwood: when all the stands are CLOSED

I met Tino at Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, a family operated Picked and U-Pick fruit stand in Brentwood, and he very politely explained that the weekend crowds had picked them clean. He expects to be open again this coming weekend and keeps his status on the website. Not to be deterred, we drove around to several other fruit stands and farms before giving up and heading to Concord for laser tag.

Cherry harvest in Brentwood

Learn from my mistakes. When you want to go fruit picking in Brentwood, check all the sources for info before you pack up a car full of kids. And double-check them.


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  • Facebook page at will offer current info if you look closely. If you aren’t paying attention, you will find a lot of pretty pictures and think there’s stuff going on at every farm. Click through to the specific farm. THEN CALL THEM.
  • Website at The website is a usability nightmare, but you must persist. Click through to the farm you want, then telephone said farm and talk to a human. In my example above, I went to the page for Bacchini’s Fruit Tree and verified open hours but didn’t call. Oops.
  • App: Harvest Time in Brentwood. Since the iPhone app makes finding farms’ phone numbers a bit easier, I vote that it is worth the free download. Older children and non-driving adults can easily steer you from farm to farm this way. One navigation path is organized by month and products available. (pictured)

See some other families’ success cherry-picking in Brentwood.

If you follow along on instagram, your mouth will water with the gorgeous harvest. Just make sure, you dig a little deeper before you bring your bags, sunscreen, and hungry bellies to Brentwood!

[Photos: Closed signs by Heather Flett, Harvest Time App screen grab by Heather Flett; Cherry harvest from Harvest Time Farms facebook page, others from instagram as noted]


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