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31 Things to Do With Kids in May

31 things to do in May with kids in Oakland

In May, I challenge you to post as many hashtags as possible, celebrating the following unique “holidays” (source).

Week beginning Friday, May 1

5/1 #MayDay Look for flowers in all colors on your walk.
5/2 #FreeComicBookDay
Bay Area Book Festival starts virtual programs for kids today. 
5/3 #NationalLumpyRugDay Give those rugs a good shake outside and clean old clutter around the house.

morcom rose garden KC
Our visit to Morcom Rose Garden last year. | Photo: Kat Choi

Week of Monday, May 4

5/4 #NationalStarWarsDay Put on your favorite character’s costume and have a Star Wars movie marathon.
5/5 #CincodeMayo Cook your favorite Mexican dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
5/6 #NationalNursesDay Show your appreciation for front-line medical workers.
5/7 #WorldPasswordDay
Power-up your online passwords and come up with a unique family password for fun.
5/8 #CoconutCreamPieDay Bake a sweet coconut cream-filled pie with your kids.
5/9 #LostSockMemorialDay Scavenge the house for lost socks and make a lost socks hanger.
5/10 #MothersDay Paint cherry blossoms together. Here’s our helpful guide>

snacktime KC
Sweet corn is our favorite snack lately. | Photo: Kat Choi

Week of Monday, May 11

5/11 #EatWhatYouWantDay Cook and eat the one food your kids love.
5/12 #NationalLimerickDay Write an awesome poem/limerick to share with your friends.
5/13 #FrogJumpingDay Make paper frogs and have a jumping competition.
5/14 #DanceLikeAChickenDay
Show off your best chicken dance moves.
5/15 #EndangeredSpeciesDay Check in with animal friends from zoos and aquariums.
5/16 #NationalDoSomethingGoodForYourNeighborDay Say hi to your neighbors with sweet baked treats or chalky greeting on their driveway.
5/17 #CherryCobblerDay It’s cherry season. Book an appointment for cherry-picking at G&S Farms.


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Week of Monday, May 18

5/18 #NationalVisitYourRelativeDay Virtually meet with all of your relatives, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt.
5/19 #NationalMayRayDay Find a spot under the sun, put on your Ray-Bans and soak up the sunray.
5/20 #EMSForChildrenDay Recognize the important role that EMS providers play in the care of injured children.
5/21 #NationalMemoDay
Write a sweet or funny memo and post it around the house.
5/22 #BuyAMusicalInstrumentDay You can make your own instruments and give the performance of your life.
5/23 #LuckyPennyDay Empty out your jar of change and find the oldest penny.
5/24 #ScavengerHuntDay Find these 20 items on your walk.

smile KC
SMILE is more contagious than any virus 😀 | Photo: Kat Choi

Week of Monday, May 25

5/25 #MemorialDay Turn egg carton into an American flag or bake a flag to remember those who passed away protecting the country.
5/26 #PaperAirplaneDay Fold paper planes with notes inside and fly them to your friend’s house.
5/27 #SeniorHealthFitnessDay Dance with your grandparents online or offline (if you live with them).
5/28 #NationalHamburgerDay
Treat your kids with drive-thru burgers or takeout from 900 Grayson.
5/29 #NationalPaperclipDay Play a fishing game made with paper clips.
5/30 #NationalCreativityDay Create with recycled materials while singing There’s a Hole in My Bucket for #HoleInMyBucketDay
5/31 #NationalSmileDay Put on your best smile all day 😀

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