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Cal Bears Baseball Games: Good, Cheap Fun

Daytime home games at Cal are an opportunity to watch baseball up close. It doesn’t deliver the “Wow” factor of a Major League Ballpark, but it is a pretty easy outing, and the “cheap seats” do not give you a nosebleed.

Cal Baseball games right up close | Photo: Whitney Moss

We parked in the garage on Durant and Telegraph and entered the campus from Telegraph, then headed left toward Evans Stadium.


There are bleachers to sit on, and also a small patch of grass that was popular with kids who wanted to squirm and roll around. If kids get bored, there’s a whole campus to explore, but even a quick visit to the river bed right outside the stadium may entertain them for a little while.

Picking grass during the college baseball game | Photo: Whitney Moss

The snack bar has hotdogs and a limited junk food menu, so if you’re not up for franks, you might pack your own grub, and be prepared to buy some Skittles for dessert.

You can always buy tickets right before the game. Ticket prices for softball range between $10-$20  (with special $5 deals on Friday games) with kids under 2 FREE. Baseball tickets are $8-$18 (Tuesday games are $2 for anyone!) with kids under 24 months FREE.

See you at the ballgame! 2023 Cal Baseball Schedule >>  2023 Cal Softball games are great, too!

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