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Profile: Christie Park at Public Market Emeryville

Christie Park is tucked just behind Public Market Emeryville, and you’re going to love it. The park is ocean-themed with a playhouse whale, a kelp climbing structure, surfboards for sitting and surfing, and a snail slide – it’s all super cute and well designed. The ground is soft and forgiving, and it’s surrounded by plush grass for relaxing – but not fenced! It’s situated just behind Emeryville’s Public Market, which makes it a perfect place to stop after a quick coffee, a pizza lunch, or sushi dinner.

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There’s plenty of space to run around in the beautifully manicured park | Photo: Julie Herson
The whale is just so cool. You can climb on it, climb through it, slide down it, and even play with its teeth. | Photo: Julie Herson

Location: 6200 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA
Unique Features of Playground: Huge interactive whale play structure; ocean theme complete with surfboard benches and kelp climbing feature; dog park adjacent; grassy hills for running around; looped walkway for scooting or balance bikes.
Swings: Nope.
Fenced in? Not really, and it’s difficult to see your child if you’re on the opposite side of the whale.
Surfaces: Cushy rubber mat surface all around the play area; natural grass in the field.
Bathroom: No, but you can easily walk two minutes to the Public Market where they have nice and clean public restrooms.
Unique Features of the Park Overall: Fun ocean theme and super cool whale structure inspire imaginative play. 
Lunch tables & seating:
Several benches scattered throughout and several un-shaded lunch tables.
Parking: Free parking along Christie Avenue. Or park at the large Public Market lot, grab a coffee or lunch and walk on over to the park.
Shade: Not really.
Covid-19 Restricted Occupancy:  No posted number; masks required.
Pros: Unique structure that’ll captivate the imagination; close proximity to Public Market; great area to scoot for little kids.
Cons: Not fenced in; difficult to see children on other side of whale; no swing; no shade.

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A fun not-too-fast slide on the whale | Photo: Julie Herson
The kelp climbing forest is so fun and unique | Photo: Julie Herson
The surfboard benches are a real highlight of the park | Photo: Julie Herson

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5 thoughts on “Profile: Christie Park at Public Market Emeryville”

  1. Fun park, the kids (age 1.5 and 4) enjoyed it very much!

    Drawbacks— the whale structure is so large, you can’t see children playing on opposite side, which can pose a problem with kids who make fast breaks (as the playground is not fenced in)

    1. I just went there with my kid yesterday. My daughter found a homeless person sleeping inside of the whale, behind the stairs where you can’t see from the front or the side entries. There were several young unmasked toddlers playing inside before my daughter went in. Parents didn’t even know that there was someone in there. I’m not taking my kid to this park ever again.

        1. Thank you. We were there at noon. This person must’ve been in there since the night before. So disturbing. I wanted to leave a review on Google maps but didn’t see any option. I’m hoping that many parents read my comment here and check inside before sending the kids in.

  2. Just to be clear, that person is not doing any harm to you or your children. They are simply trying to find a safe and quite place to sleep for the night, which must be a frightening reality to find every single day. You are truly blind, and much too privileged if you think they are a threat by just sleeping there. As a parent I understand the concern for not having my kids interact with strangers, but this person is just trying to sleep somewhere a little safer, dryer, and slightly warmer than on the ground. Please wake up, and have some compassion. Even better, teach your children some compassion.

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