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25 Things to Do With Kids in Emeryville

Emeryville is a tiny spot of the East Bay big on fun things to do with kids. Whether your trip to Emeryville is inspired by your little gymnast or a need for inexpensive Swedish furniture, there are several other not-to-miss attractions.

Here are 25-ish Terrific Things to Do with Kids in Emeryville

vertical playground emeryville eccl
Emeryville’s Vertical Playground | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Where to Play with Kids in Emeryville

  1. Head Over Heels — We usually love this gymnastics studio for its classes, camps, Parents Nights Out, and birthday parties. During the Covid-19 slowdown, they’re offering a different mix of physical programs. Website >
  2. Christie Park — Tucked behind the Public Market, you’ll find an inventive play structure for your kids to explore. Whale Park is super cute and well designed in a nautical theme, but not fenced in. Sigh…For a coffee fix, order your Peet’s from the app and it will be waiting for you when you walk through.
  3. Emeryville Swim Center — This lovely pool has swim lessons for all ages starting at infancy with parent participation.
  4. Athletic Playground — We love this small parkour gym for additional ways our kids can bounce off the walls and learn how to do so safely. My child had a fab parkour birthday party at Athletic Playground.
  5. Temescal Creek Park — An awesome little, modern neighborhood park and playground at 47th and Adeline. Enjoy the cool equipment, small basketball court, and many butterflies during your visit.
  6. Michael’s Craft Projects — For $2 each most Saturdays, kids can drop in for a craft project like painting rocks or building a photo frame.
  7. Doyle Hollis Park — With a modern climbing structure, spinny things, and large green space, this playground is wonderful. Too bad it isn’t fenced in though, my kids are runners. Across from the park is Ruby’s Cafe, where you can get coffee and great sandwiches.
  8. Trivium Games Escape Room — This newish escape room is tons of fun for families of big kids and teens. Our time at Trivium Escape Room.
  9. ECCL vertical playground — Open after 6 pm on weekdays and weekends, this entirely vertical climbing equipment is as cool as it looks!
Emeryville Swim Center lessons
Photo: Emeryville Swim Center

Where to Wander & Roll with Kids in Emeryville

  1. Bike to Treasure Island — Jump on the bike path across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island near IKEA if you can handle the wind and incline. It is easy enough to stop part way and turn around. Spectacular views. Bay Bridge Trail >
  2. Emeryville Greenway — Pedal, scooter, or push your jogging stroller on the multi-use path from Berkeley on the Emeryville Greenway through to Doyle-Hollis park with your young ones. Find your way on the Emeryville Greenway >
  3. Waterfront path along the Bay Trail — Scooter along the marina path near Shorebird Park and be on the lookout for public art characters. Find your way on the Bay Trail >
  4. Public Art Walking Tour — You may have noticed the public expressions of art without even realizing it! That big chair outside IKEA? All the painted utility boxes? Push your sidekick in a stroller and enjoy the artwork in Emeryville along the way.
  5. Emeryville Train Station — the Emeryville train station at 5885 Horton Street is well-positioned for visiting, trainspotting, and launching an adventure trip to Martinez, Sacramento, or points beyond. Even the footbridge over the track is exciting.
  6. Emery Go-Round — Ride this bus FOR FREE around Emeryville and parts of S. Berkeley and N. Oakland. Check maps and schedules >>
Public art along Emeryville waterfront paths
Public art along Emeryville waterfront paths | Photo: City of Emeryville

Where to Eat with Kids in Emeryville

Whether you eat together at a restaurant, grab a meal on a patio, pick up carry-out for lunch in the park, or bring dinner home, some of our favorite family-friendly eateries call Emeryville home.

  1. Public Market Emeryville — This upscale food court experience has many different dinner and lunch options for different palates for indoor or outdoor patio dining. Big kids can make their own food choices with a fistful of dollars. Little ones can eat a tiny taco, bowl of rice, or slice of pizza. Grab your food and eat al fresco outside near the giant whale play structure. Website >
  2. Arizmendi Emeryville Bakery & Pizza is open Wednesday through Sunday for bread, cookies, pastries, and a special daily pizza. Grab and go. Website >
  3. Lanesplitter Pizza & Pubs — My family’s hands-down favorite spot for pizza is Lanesplitter. We order 3 large pizzas for the 5 of us to have a little extra for the next day. Website >
  4. Wally’s Cafe Emeryville specializes in Mediterranean and Lebanese food open for take-out and delivery these days. Try the Shawarma, Falafel, Hummus, or Tabbouleh. On Yelp >
  5. Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe — Indoor or outdoor, Rudy’s is on my list as one of the best places for breakfast any time of day, stocked with kid-friendly decor every place you look. Too hungry to wait for a meal? The waitstaff will bring you a coloring sheet and a bowl of Cheerios to tide you over. Website >
Super Duper Burgers Emeryville
Heading to Super Duper Burgers with the fam for fries, shakes, and burgers! | Photo: Public Market Emeryville

Where to Shop for Kids in Emeryville

We love to stock up on supplies at Target; see movies and get school clothes at Bay Street; pick up woodworking kits or gardening supplies at Home Depot; grab just one more cubby set at Ikea; drop into craft activities at Michaels.

Bonus Playtime!

Hotel with a pool — Both Sheraton Four Points and Hyatt House have swimming pools and are walking distance from Bay Street and Public Market, great for visiting grandparents or a clever tween birthday party.
Fun with kids in emeryville Christie park pictured

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