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Five Dollar Tuesday at the Movies

Going to the movies can be exciting and expensive, especially if your kid wants to suddenly leave in the middle of the movie and have to go back to watch the rest. $12 tickets, $10 popcorn, $5 bag of Skittles. 3D? Don’t even think about it! Thankfully five-dollar Tuesday makes seeing your favorite characters on the big screen easier on the wallet.

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Skip the trailers if your kiddo gets too antsy waiting for the actual movie | Photo: Kat Choi

You can find five-dollar-ish tickets at these participating theaters – some you can just show up, some you have to sign up – I’ll take either.

  • Grand Lake Theater, Oakland >> $6 Discount Tuesday ($6 for 3D!) with no signup required. $7.50 matinee pricing for all shows before 6 pm start time, all days. Plus non-holiday Mondays are Free Popcorn Days with the purchase of admission. Yeehaw!
  • AMC Bay Street 16, Emeryville >>  Sign up online with an email to become AMC Stubs member for discounted tickets starting at $5. Members also can get a $5 Small Combo (small-sized fountain drink and popcorn)
  • Alameda Theatre >> $5 Discount Tuesday. Just show up!
  • Century Hilltop Richmond 16 >>  Join Cinemark Movie Rewards to get half-off tickets on Tuesdays.
5 dollar movies on tuesdays
Popcorn? Please! | Photo: Anna Azimi

Is it just me or the smell of popcorn is especially irresistible at the theaters?

Prices are current as of December 2022. Please call to confirm beforehand – we don’t want any disappointed friends.

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