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Cloverfield U-Pick Organic Farm in El Sobrante

Big thanks to Jennifer R. Johnson and her family for sharing their trip to Cloverfield Organic U-Pick Farm in El Sobrante.

Up close with horses
Up close with Magic Ben (the horse) at Cloverfield Farm | Photo: Jennifer R. Johnson

We went to Cloverfield Organic Farm in El Sobrante and loved it. This organic farm is a great little gem in the East Bay where we could pick our own produce. With no entrance or parking fee, we only payed for what we picked. The staff are very kind and knowledgeable of all of the plants on site. We tasted so many unassuming leaves, along with berries, fruits, and olive oil.

Picking fruit on the farm
Picking yellow, cherry-sized plums at Cloverfield Farm | Photo: Jennifer R. Johnson

Getting outdoors (socially distanced and safely!), learning about plants, and supporting local businesses is a big win for all of us.

There were also horses on site at Cloverfield, but my 23-month old was probably most interested in the pink, plastic flamingos (see below). 🦩 🦩 🦩

Giant sunflowers at Cloverfield
Giant sunflowers and a small person at Cloverfield | Photo: Jennifer R. Johnson

Fill a basket full of your choice of organic produce that you pick yourself. Cloverfield grows a wide variety of small amounts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and potted plants. See their Facebook page for what’s ripe right now >

Plan your visit to Cloverfield Organic Farm

Hours: Currently open for U-pick Friday through Sunday from noon to five. You can also book a private picking if you prefer to avoid crowds.

More to know: Wear sturdy shoes and bring clippers and gloves (if you have them). Free parking.

Address: 501 La Paloma Rd, El Sobrante in the East Bay hills
Phone: (510) 253-8859
Website >>

Plastic pink flamingos at Cloverfield Organic Farm
Toddler favorite: Plastic pink flamingos at Cloverfield Organic Farm | Photo: Jennifer R. Johnson

We hope to hear more about Jennifer and her family’s adventures.

[All photos provided by Jennifer R. Johnson; all rights reserved]

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1 thought on “Cloverfield U-Pick Organic Farm in El Sobrante”

  1. We came here today. Do not go on a hot day there is no shade. Only some in back there’s a table a chairs to sit or picnic. We were a little disappointed the place wasn’t very big and everything was picked over. It was so hot the horse was hiding too lol it has a pretty back drop the hills and trees but wasn’t very impressed. I wouldn’t travel more than 15 min to come here. Very friendly staff and owner. You’ll have more fun tho and get more produce at a farmers market!

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