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Spotlight on EBI, PK-8th International Education

Thank you to our sponsor, Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI).

Escuela Bilingüe Internacional (EBI) offers a PK-8 multilingual, international education that inspires students to engage in a changing world with both character and empathy. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) certified school in the heart of the East Bay, EBI helps students engage as global citizens and critical thinkers. Character development is at the heart of what they do; students are empathetic and compassionate as well as academically prepared for future success.

four year olds play with colorful letter tiles
EBI PK students engaged during their open exploration time. | Photo: EBI

Immersive language environment

Graduates of EBI are fully literate in both Spanish and English and have basic conversational skills in Mandarin. At EBI, PK through grade 8 students learn in an immersive Spanish language environment, where they begin their cultural awareness journey and develop fluency in a language other than English. With the addition of Mandarin in grade 3, students expand their cultural and linguistic competencies. EBI’s Language Acquisition Track in the Middle School allows students with little to no Spanish background to also engage in an immersive Spanish language education through accelerated Spanish language classes and electives to develop their fluency.

four year olds at circle time on a rug
PK is where the love of learning and expression begins!

Engage. Be Global. Inspire.

EBI students have an astute awareness of their role as members of the global community. From that awareness, our students are positioned to transform the world. EBI develops students with a lifelong love of learning, which translates into a lifetime of opportunity.

Diversity and Inclusion take center stage at EBI
Dr. Paola Clark, EBI’s Head of School, understands the value of language immersion education and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, as an alumna, educator, administrator, and IB examiner:

“EBI is one of four independent schools in the United States that provides a PK-8 IB education in a Spanish-English immersion program and the only one on the West Coast,” said Dr. Clark. “We often hear that the world is becoming a smaller place as a result of globalization. I firmly believe that as the world continues to become smaller, EBI becomes bigger, stronger, and more relevant because of its mission and core values.”

EBI grade four students in a classroom
Grade 4 students were eagerly engaged by the Math Specialist.

Visit EBI and see for yourself

Join an upcoming tour, information session, or their signature Diversity Reception. You can also get to know them by participating in one of their free Spanish Storytimes held on the second Saturday of the month or other community activities. Schedule a visit >

EBI Grade 1 students on the play yard.
Grade 1 students take a break to smile.

Please email Sara Varela-Acevedo at for more information. They look forward to meeting your family!

Gracias to our sponsor, Escuela Bilingüe Internacional.

[All photos and videos provided by EBI and used with permission]

Psst, wondering what IB means but afraid to ask? Here you go: What is IB? 

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