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Field trip: The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito

Volunteering at The Marine Mammal Center

An old co-worker recently invited me to come up and tour the site of her client The Marine Mammal Center, and although the drive was a bit longer than what I associate with “Sausalito”, I thought I’d like to go back with my kids, especially if we figure out how to wrap it up with an outing to nearby Rodeo Beach. I was completely impressed with what was going on at this ocean-front veteranarian “hospital” and thrilled to learn that the public can visit.

All along the coast of California, mammals who get caught up with debris in the ocean, who get sick, or who (sniff, sniff) get separated from their mamas get rescued by veteranarians and volunteers who bring them to the Marine Mammal Center for rehabilitation. Animal-loving kids will love to see the baby seals and learn about what they eat and how we can take better care of our ocean-dwelling friends.

A guided tour will teach families about the different animals that live in our ocean and give an up close view of the ones who are currently being cared for at the facility.  When I was there, the art on display is made entirely of trash retrieved from the ocean — it was enough to wow even the most apathetic envionmentalist.

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Self-guided tours are free, but a docent-led tour will help your family get more out of your visit. Learn more about the Marine Mammal Center at their website.


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