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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm in Sebastopol

Julie and her family visited Frosty Mountain Tree Farm a few years ago (hence the masks). The dates/times/prices have been updated to reflect 2023 information.

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm in Sebastopol is a great option for the cut-your-own-tree Christmas experience. I took my four kids (ages 3, 6, 9, 11) to Frosty Mountain Tree Farm in Sebastopol and we had a terrific time. Farm extras include hay rides, train rides, goat petting, play area, fresh popcorn, and more. Happily Mrs. Clause will be back this year on the weekends reading stories to the little ones beginning the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s a schlep, but our family felt that Frosty Mountain Tree Farm was definitely worth the drive.

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Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Sebastopol
Peak-a-Boo! Running around in and out of the rows of trees was all the entertainment my littles needed | Photo: Julie Herson

Choosing a Christmas Tree at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm has 12 acres chock-full of Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes. They provide sanitized saws and carts, and then you just set out to find your perfect tree. My younger kids enjoyed running around the rows of trees playing hide and seek. My older kids took on the task of finding the perfect tree with surprising earnestness. And so it took a little while of exploring the 12 acres to find the perfectly shaped tree.

You’ll pay $10 per foot for cut-your-own. They also have individually priced pre-cut Noble Fir in water if you’re not feeling the cut-your-own experience. Or if you only want a tiny tree or fresh wreath, they have those too. Use this coupon for $3 off>

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Sebastopol Trees
It took around 45 minutes before we all agreed on our perfect tree. We enjoyed the fresh air and views of Sonoma County while we searched | Photo: Julie Herson

Other Attractions at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm

If you go to Frosty Mountain Tree Farm on a mid-week morning you’ll certainly avoid the crowds, but you’ll also miss out on the weekend-only events. They have a hayride, small train, petting zoo and snack bar on the weekends. And Mrs. Clause is back fro 2023! She reads stories to the kiddos and generally spreads cheer all around. I hear the story-time, hayride and popcorn are all real highlights of the weekend.

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Gaots
There were some cute goats to see on the day we went | Photo: Julie Herson

They have a big airy barn full of ornaments, wreaths, a snack bar on the weekends, and all your Christmas tree needs. We picked out some ornaments and paid for our tree with ease (cash or credit).

There’s also a small play structure and tables to have lunch or a snack on if you’re looking to add playtime to your day.

If you’re looking for more than just cutting down your own tree, consider going on a weekend morning to enjoy the added activities with slightly less crowds (late morning and mid-day are the busiest).

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Sebastopol
The big red barn at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm has all of your Christmas needs. We found some cute ornaments to add to our collection | Photo: Julie Herson

Plan Your Visit To Frosty Mountain Tree Farm

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm is located at 3600 Mariola Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472. The drive takes about an hour from Berkeley without traffic (add anywhere from 30-60 min with traffic. Ooof). (Reindeer Ridge Tree Farm, another great option with a fun train to ride and cool zip-line, is right next door. You’ll drive by that farm right before reaching Frosty Mountain.)

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm is open every day starting the day after Thanksgiving through December whenever they sell out, weekdays 12 pm – 5 pm, weekends 9 am – 5 pm. Last year they stopped allowing cut-your-own by early December, so consider calling or checking their facebook page before going if that’s what you’re hoping to do.

Everyone should wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can get dirty, and cozy jackets for chilly winter weather.

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Sebastopol
Shaking the tree to get all the needles and bugs out | Photo: Julie Herson

The staff at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm are super helpful and friendly. I came without my husband on this day, so I was a little wary about securing the tree to my car. Luckily a nice gentleman wrapped up our tree and helped me tie it to the car so I wasn’t stressed out about it flying off the roof on the drive home. Phew!

Frosty Mountain Tree Farm has several portable bathrooms and hand washing stations that were pretty clean. The snackbar is only open on the weekends. So bring lunch or a snack. A favorite treat for my family is a visit to the lovely Patisserie Angelica bakery in the nearby downtown Sebastopol. Their deep dish cheesecake is a-mazing. They also have a Magical Holiday Tea served Wednesday through Sunday that sounds like a super cute treat.

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Frosty Mountain Tree Farm Sebastopol
Our perfect tree! | Photo: Theo Herson

Bottom Line on Frosty Mountain Tree Farm

My family had a delightful afternoon at Frosty Mountain Tree Farm. Finding the perfect tree and cutting it down ourselves is always a fun holiday treat. Add on a hayride, goats, train, Mrs. Clause and popcorn and Christmas magic is born.

Where’s your favorite Christmas Tree Farm in the Bay Area?? Let us know in the comments!

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