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It’s Your Move! a Temescal game store with place to play

It's Your Move! in Temescal
I can’t believe I had been intimidated by this awesome neighborhood gaming spot. Luckily, my five-year old urged us into It’s Your Move Games, and I’m so glad she did.

The staff was friendly; other parent-kid customers were having fun; and the games were nicely organized by suggested age and type. They can special order anything you want.

My top five reasons this store is worth a visit:

  1. Try before you buy. You can play games in the store for a small donation. The staff can even teach you how to play the games.
  2. Rental! You can also rent games to take home for only $2 a day, if you aren’t ready to purchase just yet.
  3. Parties. If you have a game-lover in the family, you can throw a birthday party here.
  4. Game nights. Open gaming nights for youth and adults: various role playing games, a Scrabble club, Go club, open gaming nights and more. Check the calendar of events.
  5. The owners. Run by very knowledgeable, approachable and local parents. I love supporting local business.

It's Your Move in Temescal

4920 Telegraph Ave. Oakland around the corner from Doughnut Dolly.

Great for cold or rainy days when you need to get out of the house for a bit! Read more about my visit to It’s Your Move.

[All photos by Rebecca Matthews]

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