Join Us Wednesdays at Noon: Berkeley Music Circus - 510 Families
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Join Us Wednesdays at Noon: Berkeley Music Circus

Inspired by Another Bullwinkel Show’s idea for a Wednesday at noon city sing-along, we want to encourage the whole (510) area — then the world! — to play along!

Each week, we will collectively step to our windows or front doors to sing simple songs with our neighbors. Then we’ll have about a week to learn the words and music for the next one.

Maybe you can incentivize young musicians to practice their instruments for this performance. Maybe you’ll be lucky if they step outside with a tambourine. (That’s how it is in my house, I’m sad to report.) Either way, I’ll be on the front steps with my karaoke microphone embarrassing my family — in the hopes of putting smiles on the faces of strangers.

Family playing music together on porch

Future songs include:


Date Click the title for lyrics on AZLyrics
Wednesday, April 1 Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Wednesday, April 8 All Together Now
Wednesday, April 15 Lean on Me
Wednesday, April 22 Three Little Birds
Wednesday, April 29 I Can See Clearly Now
Wednesday, May 6 What A Wonderful World
Wednesday, May 13 Ob La Di, Ob La Da
Wednesday, May 20 Celebration

According to Lisa Bullwinkel:

These need not be such dark times. There is still art to be made! Warm up your vocal chords or start practicing your instruments. Each week, on Wednesday at noon, step outside your door or open your window and make the hills (and the flats) come alive with music.

If you are a block captain, or feel like you are capable, please go out in the middle of your block to act as the conductor, starting your neighborhood off at the same time and setting the tempo for the music.

This is a recording of the first performance of Take Me Out to the Ballgame last week:

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2 thoughts on “Join Us Wednesdays at Noon: Berkeley Music Circus”

  1. Our neighborhood has been really enjoying this. The songs have truly lifted our spirits and helped us to stay strong.
    We want to know the next selection of songs as we saw that “Celebration” got pushed back. Are we still pushing back Celebration? Are there other songs? Looks like we’re in this for the long haul, but I’ve enjoyed kids coming out with shakers, recorders, and seeing them smile and dance in their yards!

  2. If you folks are taking requests, and we’re still social distancing at the end of June, here’s a vote for “Uncle John’s Band.” And another vote for “Dancing in the Streets.”

    I didn’t know until today there was any central organization to this–thought it was just our neighbors Phil and Alan and the guy with the sax. Whoever is doing it, it’s been a great morale booster.

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