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Kennedy Park: Carousel, petting zoo, and train ride

Kennedy Park in Hayward, CA

My daughter has a new best friend. His name is Little and he is a pygmy goat. Unfortunately for her, he lives in Hayward, and it’s unlikely we’ll get down there from Berkeley to see him often. But for those of you who live in Oakland and south, Kennedy Park in Hayward is not far to go to get up close and personal with a gaggle of goats who like to frolic with children. It is located about 15 minutes south of the Oakland Airport.


The park is urban, with a flat field for running around, a basic playground with slides and swings, and a Target across the street. What makes it stand out are the zoo-like attractions: a train ride, a traditional carousel, and a petting zoo, each available for $2. These special features are open only on weekends and school vacation days, such as MLK Day.

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There are also pony rides for $3.00, but they were not open when we visited, and we weren’t sure why. They are adjacent to the petting zoo where kids have access to bunnies, pigs, and goats, all grouped under the heading “Triple Pines Ranch.” It’s not very ranch-like, so set your expectations for animals living in a concrete and chain-link fence environment, even though the sign may remind you of summer camp or a boat rental shack in the Adirondacks.

If you are looking to impress out of town visitors, Tilden Park certainly offers the same features in a much more picturesque setting, but if one parent wants to tackle Target (across the street) while the other plays at the park, Kennedy Park offers a good time.

19501 Hesperian Blvd. Hayward, CA 94541

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7 thoughts on “Kennedy Park: Carousel, petting zoo, and train ride”

  1. That is most thoughtful. Today kids would not know that is chicken, goat or horse if there is no cartoons. Where else they can see it, if not on places like this?

  2. I went today for the first time with my 1.5 y.o. and I thought it was great how much there is to do. Plus Target, Fresh & Easy & a Carter’s store right across the street! It reminded me of Small World Park in Pittsburg with the mix of playgrounds & rides. Worth a half-day trip, and pretty much a don’t miss if you are in Hayward with little kids for any reason.

  3. I use to take my kids to Kennedy park and now I take my grandchildren. I love it. They love it and always have a great time. The train, carousel and petting zoo is great for kids and they learn while having fun. I highly recommend this park. Family barbeques and birthday party’s are often held there.

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  5. Shayne Schwesinger

    It is a nice park lot of fun but they should but ropes around the park so when they have the zucchini festival all the cords should be over the ropes. And they should install the train gates at the most used enterences so it would make the park safe. They should also carry walkytalkies so they could talk with each other. I hope they will do that an everything that would be good for them.

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