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Kid Report: Geocaching in the East Bay

Our Kid Reporter today is Soren who will be starting Kindergarten this year.

I started geocaching after my mom told me about it. We watched videos to learn how to do it [Editor/Mom’s note: on] and it made our walks seem more like treasure hunts. You need a phone or something to help you find where you are and where the cache is, and the compass tells you if you are going in the right direction.

Kids geocaching in a field of grass
We thought we would find a geocache hidden here | Photo: Soren

You can find geocaches in the city, in the forest, in parks, in graveyards. Anyplace you can walk or drive there is probably a geocache. Some of them are really small, like a mouse, and the biggest one I ever saw was the size of a small garbage can. The big ones can hold toys or prizes that you can trade.

If the box is big enough, you can find toys inside
If the box is big enough, you can find toys inside

Editor/Mom adds: One of the first times we went geocaching we found a geocoin in Morcom Rose Garden, Oakland. Another fun find was in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland. The labyrinth and the mini-cache in the tree are both in Briones Regional Park. The two boys uncovering rocks and holding a toy was found at Lafayette Reservoir.

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