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MEL Science Amazing Chemistry Sets for Kids Sizzle & Change Colors

My childhood best friend, Monica, shared with me her strongly recommended at-home science subscription from MEL Science. It sounded so good, we ordered a subscription at my house and became affiliates. It is legit amazing. Affiliate links below.

kids do science experiment
Milo & Sawyer do the Sugar Snake experiment together from the Monster Chemistry Kit | Photo: Heather Flett

What’s great about MEL Science?

MEL Science has been an unexpected delight considering how much I hated high school chemistry. Watching our 9-year-old son connect with these simple but dramatic experiments has brought us hours of entertainment over the past four months and feels like money well spent. The MEL Chemistry subscription consists of 24 chemistry sets and continues to stoke his interest in science while teaching him valuable lessons about safety and scientific protocol.

Mel Science starter kit
MEL Science starter kit contains the basics to set up your home lab | Photo: Monica

The initial shipment provides all the equipment you’ll need for each set of experiments. These items come in a padded storage box which makes them very easy to keep track of, a big bonus if your house is anything like mine. Experiment boxes arrive monthly and are designed to get you up and running within 5-10 minutes. Although there is still supervision on my part, no science background is required. I mostly make sure we are following directions in the right order and using the right bottles at the right times. The directions are very straightforward and well-designed. If you can make cookies following a recipe you can do this – trust me.

Each experiment box has enough material to perform the reactions twice. This benefit is perfect for siblings who each want their own turn or parents, like us, who want to nerd out occasionally.

Color Chemistry kit by MEL Science
Color Chemistry kit by MEL Science | Photo by MEL Science

Colorful Chemistry, designed to teach about acids and bases, has been the family favorite so far. Our son loved watching the colored liquids transform in seconds as their compositions changed.


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What hasn’t been great about MEL Science

My only disappointment has been the well-intentioned MEL science VR app that I just couldn’t get going with the Google Cardboard Viewer they include. I spent about 40 minutes trying to calibrate the viewer and then just gave up and moved on.

I enthusiastically recommend MEL Science subscriptions to elementary and middle school-age families looking to add more hands-on science to their lives!

Find a MEL Science subscription for your family >

Thanks to my buddy, Monica R. and her son Liam for sharing their experiments with us. Thanks to MEL Science for doing a fantastic job making science at home fun, educational, and approachable.

Kids doing science
Kids doing an experiment (but why the matching shirts?) | Photo by MEL Science


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1 thought on “MEL Science Amazing Chemistry Sets for Kids Sizzle & Change Colors”

  1. We’ve been enjoying MEL science kits as well! Even though our kid was perhaps too young to understand (just under 6 yrs old), he was really engaged and interested and it was time, when we all had fun (unlike some of his other interest when parents would be tortured with pretend games, “fight a monster game”, you know what I mean..). It def taught him at least some scientific principles (hypothesis, experiment, observation, explanation, etc) as well as some basic stuff about chemistry.
    And LOL – why the matching shirts indeed 😀

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