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Family-friendly Napa County with Monday Sparkles

Fanny Woo and Patricia Oro are the founders of, a subscription service for tween girls, designed to celebrate positivity with monthly care packages. They both live in American Canyon in southern Napa County and each have two daughters and one son. Fanny’s kids are Kendall (7), Scarlett (6), and Jaxen (3). Patricia also has three under age ten: Mya (9), Oscar (6), and Leah (5).

Patrica and Fanny from Monday Sparkles share their Napa Valley
Patrica and Fanny from Monday Sparkles

Each Monday Sparkles gift box contains goodies hand-selected by Fanny and Patricia to emphasize earth, love, and sparkles for children ages 8 to 12. The stuff is hecka cute. You can order a Monday Sparkles gift subscription at any time or pre-order the Back-to-school survival box in time for fall. And you must check out the adorable slumber party kits while you’re over there. To enter to win a year’s subscription, join their mailing list before September. 

We asked Patricia and Fanny for their favorite “worth it” trips to their part of Napa County and they were happy to share.

What is American Canyon like?
Fanny: American Canyon is known for its open spaces and trails.

What about your life as a parent in the Bay Area is notable to your friends in other cities?
Fanny and Patricia: We feel so lucky that we get to raise our children in American Canyon/Napa. We have access to wonderful parks, amazing restaurants, and kid-friendly wineries. We are only 45 minutes away from San Francisco which makes for great day trips on the fly! We also have a close-knit community.

What makes a perfect family trip to Napa Valley?
Patricia: If visiting Napa Valley with children definitely start with Oxbow Market, and walk to the riverfront to check out some local shops. Then visit the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville ($2.50 for those under 17). You must stop by at Bouchon Bakery for some macarons and almond chocolate croissants. I would end the trip in St. Helena with dinner at Farmstead, our favorite family-friendly dining spot up-valley!

Patricia Oro & family in Napa shares her faves
Patricia with her family

What are some great kid-friendly features of American Canyon?
Patricia: I love our open space and trails. Another gem is the Marshall’s Honey Farm; my kids love to go there to taste all different kind of honey, feed the chickens, and pick vegetables from their garden.

Fanny: Oh so many! Our Wetlands trail is great for biking, running, and hiking. It also attracts many bird watchers from all over the bay area. American Canyon is close to many kid-friendly wineries for picnics. Also Napa Parks and Recreation hosts family-friendly events like free movies in the park and Friday night concerts this summer.

Do you have a recommended family dinner out in Napa?
Fanny: I have two: Norman Rose or Gott’s Roadside with Anette’s Ice cream for dessert.

Patricia: Kitchen Door for dinner and Three Twins for ice cream at Oxbow Market.

Do you have a favorite kid birthday party destination?
Patricia: I go all out for birthday parties. Two great ones that come to mind: an 80’s Bowling Party at the Meritage Resort and Spa and a Ninja Turtle party at a private vineyard with train to transport guests.

Fanny: Having three kids can be tricky when heading to parties where venues cater to their various ages and interests. Rock climbing at Rockzilla and swim parties at the Yountville Community Pool have been so much fun for all three of my kiddos.

Fanny Woo & family in Napa shares her faves
Fanny with her family

What discovery you want to tell every new-in-town parent about?
Patricia: Liled’s Candy Shop, definitely! (What can I say? I love ice cream!)

Fanny: Our Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings and our amazing Moms club for the play dates, field trips, and Moms night out!

Big thanks to Patricia and Fanny for sharing their gems of American Canyon and greater Napa Valley area. If you love a tween girl, be sure to check out their business,

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