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Pacific Pipe Climbing Gym in Oakland

Pacific Pipe Climbing is part of the Touchstone Climbing family which operates a handful of rock climbing facilities such as Ironworks in Berkeley and Great Western Power Company in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood. Located on Mandela Parkway, where W. Grand Avenue ends, Pacific Pipe offers a wow factor with cutting-edge climbing walls and huge spaces.

Oakland Climbing Gym
Photo: Julia Gidwani

Rock climbing demands strength, fitness, and tenacity. Satisfying their natural desire to use their whole body for activity, climbing gyms offer kids opportunities to exercise and test their boundaries. For older kids, rock climbing offers a combination of technical mastery, strength training, and community, often appealing to those who don’t find team sports compelling.

Like a regular gym, Pacific Pipe offers membership benefits and classes, plus opportunities for drop-in experiences.

How to Try Out Pacific Pipe

Bouldering means climbing without ropes or harnesses. All you need to use the bouldering area is a pair of climbing shoes, which can be rented at Pacific Pipe. Children with supervising adults are welcome to get a day pass and gear (shoes) at the current rate of $30 for 13+/$25 for 12 and under.

Pacific Pipe Bouldering Equipment
Photo: Julia Gidwani

Note: Parents must be attentive in this space. The staff is not available to watch over kids who drop in. Adult guests can only supervise one child under six. If you have more young children with you, bring more adults. Children over 6 can be watched in a 1:3 ratio.

Top roping means using ropes attached to a harness (which is worn by your child) with belaying techniques (taught in an Intro class) to climb the tall walls.

Oakland Rock Climbing Gym - Pacific Pipe
Photo: Julia Gidwani

Intro To Climbing is taught on a schedule; you cannot just take the class by showing up. If you are already belay-certified or can pass a belaying demo test, you can access the top-roping walls. See the schedule >

Oakland mom Julia says that the best time to go is weekday mornings and early afternoons. because weekends are very crowded. “The rooms are cold and breezy,” she warns, “so we wear jackets/sweaters.”

Getting Started at Pacific Pipe Climbing

Youth programs such as camps and afterschool clubs enable kids to benefit from instruction in a class format. Kids Club starts at age 8 and meets once per week. Visit Pacific Pipe’s website to learn more about summer camp options.

Climbing Gym for Kids - Oakland
Photo: Julia Gidwani

Pacific Pipe also supports a Junior Varsity and a Varsity Team that goes to competitions, for skilled teens who are prepared to try out.

Getting The Most Out of Pacific Pipe

For families, Pacific Pipe can be a full-service gym, offering parents classic gym benefits like cardio machines, weights, and fitness classes on top of access to climbing. There is no charge for children under 12 in the Family Membership. Children 12-18 cost $80/month as of this writing. For teens who might use the gym on their own, a youth membership is available.

Kid Birthday Parties at Pacific Pipe

Pacific Pipe is not hosting birthday parties yet; however, if you are self-sufficient in climbing, you can bring a small group of older children as long as waivers are signed for everyone.

Plan Your Visit to Pacific Pipe Climbing

Location: 2140 Mandela Parkway, Oakland
Hours: M-F: 7 am – 10 pm | S/S: 10 am – 6 pm
Phone: (510) 903-6722
Website >

As of February 2022, masks and proof of vaccination are required for all guests.

Visit Pacific Pipe online to learn more.

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