El Cerrito birthday party venue: Bridges Rock Climbing Gym
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Bridges Rock Climbing Gym birthday party

Birthday Party in El Cerrito: Bridges Rock Gym

A stone’s throw from Costco in Richmond is Bridges Rock Gym, a fitness and climbing spot for kids and adults. Birthday parties at Bridges are simple for families to host and completely engaging for kids. Climbing is great fun for any gender.

Kids parties last two hours and include instruction, time for climbing, and a space for cake and presents, which you provide. The price is $100 for five children and $20 for each additional child.

Richmond Birthday Party: Bridges Rock Gym

Upon arrival, parents sign waivers and hand their children over to the instructors who immediately outfit each child with a harness. Within 10 minutes, the first child is climbing up the wall.

The gym also features slacklines as part of the party experience, and if they are so inclined, gymnastics (or general goofing around) on the crash mats is permitted. Kids can move back and forth between more climbing, the mats, and slacklining as they wish.

A simple, unadorned balcony area features tables and chairs so that you can serve cake or food that you have brought.

Drag your mouse pointer side-to-side to see a Google Map view of the space.

Bridges Rock Gym parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays in two hour time blocks. Parties are allowed for kids 5 and up, but I recommend 7 and up.

More info at the Bridges Rock Gym website >

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  1. FYI: my kid attended a very fun Nerf gun party at Bridges. I’m not sure about the details, but the boys used the space to run around and shoot each other with Nerf guns for 2 hours. Might be worth looking into that as well!

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