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Sponsor Spotlight: Shu Ren International School

Shu Ren International School, a preschool through 8th grade multilingual independent school in Berkeley, prepares kids to thrive in our global community. We appreciate their sponsorship of 510families.com today.

Shu Ren International School encourages students to ask questions and inspires them to challenge themselves — all in both Mandarin and English. How cool is it for our young children to express themselves in Mandarin? What an opportunity to jumpstart thriving in our global community.

[Watch a super cute video of the Shu Ren kindergarten market where the five- and six-year olds use their language skills as they also learn about money and business.]

Shu Ren International School young student
100% Mandarin immersion for all preschoolers

Shu Ren is one of only four schools in the United States to offer the unique combination of Mandarin Immersion and the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. IB provides a sophisticated framework for cultivating globally conscious and compassionate problem solvers.

Shu Ren students understand that the skills and knowledge they learn in school may be applied to lead, create, and contribute to a better, more peaceful world.

The Shu Ren community of learners consists of students, parents, and teachers who share the value of being multilingual, global citizens.

“We have been so pleased with the teachers, administration and IB curriculum. We are a non-Chinese speaking family and weren’t sure how to measure progress. Much to our delight, my son passed a Mandarin fluency exam at age 4 thanks to his tremendous learning experiences from Shu Ren. The IB curriculum has made the boys very curious and they can constantly link ideas and concepts because of this global style of learning. The teachers are warm, compassionate and knowledgeable and have helped my sons become more confident.”

~ A Shu Ren parent

Visitors will notice that students are confidently communicating in Mandarin throughout the day, even the preschoolers.

Visit Shu Ren International School

The best way to get to know Shu Ren is with a visit. Here are some upcoming events to add to your family calendar:

Fall Open House: Prospective families will get to meet the staff, hear about the Shu Ren difference and then see it through classroom observations.

Thursday, October 25th from 9-11am
Tuesday, December 11 9-11am
Thursday, January 17 9-11am

Sparking Curiosity event: Prospective families will get to meet the staff and engage in an inquiry-based activity which models how students learn at Shu Ren.

Tuesday, October 30th from 6-8pm
Saturday, January 12 10am-noon

Learn about the Shu Ren admissions process >

Shu Ren International School garden
Shu Ren students are exposed to relevant and authentic learning experiences.

What parents say about Shu Ren

What a difference! They come home bubbling with excitement to talk about their learning. The teachers are phenomenal. They are incredibly warm and caring, and they truly know how to engage the kids. The language of the IB Learner Profile infuses their day, and the kids will self-evaluate their behavior according to this profile, “Reflecting” on whether their actions were “Caring.” The fact that “Risk-Taking” is part of the profile is really helpful to push bright, but risk-averse kids.”~ Enthusiastic Shu Ren Parent

“Mandarin Immersion is what drew us to Shu Ren but IB (International Baccalaureate) and the teachers are what’s really keeping us here. Based on our experience thus far, we really like the school and the overall community (parents, teachers and administrative team) – everyone has been very welcoming and the environment is caring and nurturing for children and parents (especially those new to the area – which we were).” ~ Satisfied Shu Ren Parent

Shu Ren International School middle school students
Cultivating a global perspective happens through local and international travel experiences

A little history about Shu Ren

Shu Ren International School was founded in 2008 by Dr. Jie Moore and her husband Mr. Tony Moore. Their dream was to create a school that empowered children to navigate this modern, everchanging world confidently and freely. The school’s name was purposely chosen as a tribute to the founders’ dedication to lifelong excellence in education as a tribute to a Chinese idiom.

Thank you to Shu Ren International School for sponsoring 510families.com today, and for bringing a compassionate, global education to our part of the East Bay. Shu Ren welcomes families looking for a multilingual education that prepares students with the heart and mind to thrive in an evolving global society.

Shu Ren is located at 2125 Jefferson Avenue in Berkeley

[All photos provided by Shu Ren International School and used with permission]

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