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The Urban Edge Farm — U-Pick Flowers in Brentwood

The Urban Edge Farm in Brentwood is a 34-acre organic farm producing 50 different vegetables, herbs, and fruits with fields of flowers for the picking. Depending on the season, you can leave with baskets, buckets, and boxes of your favorite produce. When I visited with my daughter, we were all about the flowers. There are ripe apricots on the tree, right now, too.

Picking a huge bucket of gorgeous flowers is just the thing to welcome summer. The Urban Edge Farm in Brentwood (about an hour from Oakland) offers U-Pick flowers through Thanksgiving (or as long as they last) and they are gorgeous.

girl flower u-pick
Walking towards the U-Pick flowers area at the Urban Edge Farm | Photo: Michele Yuen

We visited the Urban Edge Farm for U-Pick flowers on a Sunday afternoon. I’m not going to lie — it was toasty and my daughter abandoned me pretty quickly to seek shade, but it was still a fun outing and I got three gorgeous flower bouquets out of it. I’m not sure why, but we pretty much had the whole farm to ourselves.

urban edge farm sign
The Urban Edge Farm is an organic farm in Brentwood with U-Pick options and a seasonal produce stand | Photo: Michele Yuen

U-Pick flowers at Urban Edge

We pulled up to the Urban Edge Farm and had no issues with parking. After checking in, we were kindly offered a large bucket with shears and set off to the U-Pick flowers area. Luckily, we had the entire field to ourselves. While it’s not a huge space, we loved looking through the variety of flowers and choosing which ones we wanted to pick.

flower picking brentwood
Working together to find the prettiest flowers to bring home | Photo: Michele Yuen

After choosing a few flowers, my daughter decided to take on the role of a supervisor from the shade of some peach trees. She then pointed at flowers while I braved the heat and did all the hard work. When we filled up our bucket, I was pretty pleased with the collection of flowers and greenery that we picked together.

girl with flowers
Not a bad collection of flowers, am I right? | Photo: Michele Yuen

There’s a sweet little play structure for kids who want to climb. And I got wind that the Urban Edge Farm will be offering U-Pick persimmons (my favorite!) and pomegranates towards the end of September or early October.

Want to check out other options for U-Pick pomegranates? 

U-Pick flowers picking pro tips

  • Check the weather. If it’s going to be in the mid-90s that day, I’d recommend trying to go earlier in the day before it gets too hot.
  • Call ahead to check that the Urban Edge Farm has a good variety of flowers left for U-Pick before you go.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes and a hat. It is a farm and so there is dirt and dust. It can also get pretty warm so we were grateful to have brought sun hats (even better if you match with your little one).
  • Bring water for you to drink. Again, it gets hot.
  • If you can, bring a bucket of water or vase (for the flowers) if it’s a hot day and you have a longer drive — or if you plan to make any stops on the way home. I was worried the flowers were going to wilt in the heat.
  • Bring a cooler if you plan on purchasing any produce from the seasonal farm stand to bring home.
  • If you have little ones, don’t forget to stop by the chicken coop to say hello to some feathered friends.
flower bouquet
Wishing I brought some water for these pretty flowers | Photo: Michele Yuen

On your way home, get treats! If it’s a hot day, swing by for ice cream and lemonade at Sip and Sip in downtown Brentwood. It’s a cute little area and their cool treats and drinks really hit the spot for us on a blistering hot day.

girl eating ice cream
Cooling down with some well-deserved ice cream at Sip and Scoop in Brentwood | Photo: Michele Yuen

Plan your U-Pick flowers visit to the Urban Edge Farm

  • U-Pick Hours: Tuesday-Sunday [8:30 am to 4 pm] but always double-check before you go!
  • From May through October, the U-pick orchard features juicy cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pluots, figs, pomegranates, and persimmons.
  • Price: $25 for as much as you can fit into the bucket they give you. I was able to make three smaller bouquets out of one bucket of flowers.
  • Location: 2017 Walnut Blvd., Brentwood
  • No reservations are required.
  • Parking: free
  • Updates: Check the Urban Edge Farm’s Instagram for updates on hours and produce availability.

Phone: 925.634.4400

Website for more info like what other u-pick is happening >>


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