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Visit Vallejo’s Children’s Wonderland

Children’s Wonderland is a cute, clean, huge (but gated!) park in Vallejo. Enter through the guarded gates to find green grassy hills with little themed playgrounds situated on the outskirts – dig for dinosaur bones, conduct a train, sit in Cinderella’s carriage, spin a tea cup, or row a boat. Let your imagination run wild!

Vallejo playground castle gate
Enter through the Castle Gates – Opens at 9 am | Photo: Anna Azimi

Children’s Wonderland Features

Location: 360 Glenn Street, Vallejo
Unique Features: So many! Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tale themed sections including: a teapot playhouse and spinning cups, pirate ship, train station, Cinderella’s carriage, and more.
Swings: Yes, many. Two bucket swings, two big kid swings, tire swing, and two all abilities swings.
Fenced in? Completely fenced in. The only in-out is through the front castle entryway.
Surfaces: Lots of green grass; playgrounds have rubber mat surfaces; dinosaur area is sand.
Bathroom: Yes, with a cute King and Queen theme.
Lunch tables & seating: Many benches and seating areas scattered about the large park.
Parking: Easy and free parking in a lot to the right of the entrance. Free street parking available too if the lot fills up.
Shade: There is some shade to be found, but also a lot of full sun. So definitely bring hats, it gets hot in Vallejo.
Covid-19 Restrictions: Check for updates. Currently there are three entry times for two hour drop-in play slots: (9am – 11am; 11:30am – 1:30am; 2pm – 4pm). No reservations required. Masks highly encouraged but not required.
Pros: So many fun play structures with playful themes that’ll keep your kids excited for hours. Big and fully fenced in.
Cons: A bit of a drive, but not terrible. Not free. Big, which makes keeping an eye on multiple kids a challenge.

Children's Wonderland Train Town
The train station and train are super fun for train fanatics | Photo: Anna Azimi

What to Expect at Children’s Wonderland

The park is big, so don’t expect to sit down in one place and watch your kids for long – you’ll likely be hopping around from playground to playground. The sweet spot as far as age for Children’s Wonderland is around 2-5, though older imaginative kids will still find ways to have fun. There are 7+ themed play areas: A teapot playhouse and spinning cups; Dinoland sandpit with water features and dino bones (currently closed, but opening again soon); a train station play structure and extra long train; a pirate ship with climbing and some ninja warrior level obstacles; Cinderella’s carriage and horse; space themed play structure; canoe and teepee play space; and plenty of green space for running around.

toddler riding horse statue
Cinderella’s horse and carriage is a new addition to the park. My modern princess preferred to drive | Photo: Julie Herson

With the entry fee and two-hour drop in hours, crowds are limited so there’s plenty of space to social distance. There is a day camp running during the summer months. If you come with multiple kids, it can get difficult to keep track of everyone since the park is so big. Dress in layers for a foggy morning and bring hats and snacks for a warmer afternoon (there’s a snack bar available with lots of treats if it’s that kind of day).

Pro-Tip: Dress your kids in bright shirts, hats or jackets so you can more easily spot them from afar.

child spinning tea cup playground
The teapot house is adorable. The spinning cups are fun, but don’t spin super fast anymore | Photo: Julie Herson

Plan your visit to Children’s Wonderland in Vallejo

Admission to the park is $3/person Vallejo residents, $4/person non-residents. Free for under 2. Two hour play slots.

Hours to the park change seasonally – be sure to check their schedule before you make the trip out.

Current hours, through August: Wednesday – Sunday (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays) from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Family Free Days: Starting August 12th, the second Thursday of each month. Refer to schedule.

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Children's Wonderland playground
The space themed playground offers tons of climbing and slides | Photo: Julie Herson

After you’re done playing, and nice and hot, head up the street to Liled’s Candy Kitchen – the cutest old-time ice cream and candy parlor you ever did see. Choose from homemade chocolates, peanut brittle, and of course ice cream. Yum.

Liled's Candy Kitchen Vallejo
Liled’s Cany Kitchen has some pretty tasty ice cream | Photo: Anna Azimi

Children’s Wonderland is located at 360 Glenn Street, Vallejo. It is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Liled’s Candy Kitchen is located at 1318 Tennessee Street, Vallejo. Closed Sundays.


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